Have 5 Minutes (or 14 Days) to spare? Narrate a short story from your phone and help 40,000 learn to read. 📚

Alex Gillis
Mar 18, 2020 · 2 min read
Our Simbiotic approach empowers you to make a difference.

Your voice, a world of difference.

Simbi has partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to improve the literacy landscape for refugees in Bidibidi & Nakivale, Uganda. These two refugee settlements are home to more than 400,000 people and we are implementing Simbi throughout these settlements to improve reading fluency. We need your help to narrate more children’s short stories to provide culturally relevant storybooks for these refugee learners.

Take 5 minutes and help 40,000 people learn to read

  1. Ensure that you’re in a quiet space with no background noise.

2. Sign up in 15 seconds at sim.bi/narrate-now

3. Select “learner” and follow the steps on screen

4. Read Aloud to the stories listed at sim.bi/book-list

5. Finish narrating each page of the story to create a global impact

Support thousands by narrating children’s short stories on Simbi.

What is Simbi?

Simbi is an online reading platform that helps learning readers become reading leaders by empowering them to use their voice to narrate stories to support others who are learning to read.

Reading leaders are motivated to read stories aloud, improving their own reading skills, while understanding that they’re supporting 40,000 others who are learning to read globally.

Learning readers of all ages and stages follow along to their voice with our digital highlighter, a proven technique to improve reading ability, and can improve their reading fluency two-fold in as little as three months.

Best of all, educators are able to listen-in to learners’ reading skills development, track progress, and tailor reading assignments.

Are you a teacher? Give your students a reason to read.

Whether you’re in school or at home, Simbi’s global impact makes reading meaningful. Set up your class with Simbi — it’s free!

Choose your Simbian and start reading for good today with Simbi.


Read for Good

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