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3 Timeless Industries to Do Business In

Real Estate

Real estate is among one of the most timeless industries for two reasons. One, they aren’t making any more of it (unless we colonize mars soon or build flying cities). Two, everybody needs somewhere to live and do business. Either one of those should be enough for you to want to think about getting into the $200 billion+ industry.

Types of Jobs You Can Do

One of the quickest jobs you can get (and without a college degree) is a position as a real estate agent. According to Investopedia, you only need to be 18 years old and pass your state’s license test, which typically takes 4–6 months.

Even though the average earnings are only around $50,000 annually, some agents prove six figures can be reached within a few years. Just look at Graham Stephan, the guy who became a millionaire from selling houses by the time he was in his mid-twenties. He used his real estate success to invest in many different areas, including building up a wildly successful YouTube channel that he does full-time now (making even more money).

That’s just one of the positions you can do, though. There are at least 29 other jobs you can work in real estate, according to Real Estate Express. Some likely require a college degree, like being a property manager or escrow officer.

Businesses You Can Start

Although in the beginning, it’s usually a good idea to work for someone else, you can start selling real estate on your own if you want. Besides owning your own firm, there have been many opportunities in proptech during the last few years with all of the different IoT technologies out there.

Thanks to things like open-source drone technologies, there aren’t as many hurdles to clear for starting your own company. Of course, you’ll still need to have a firm understanding of how everything works, but you won’t need to worry about coding or building everything entirely from scratch.

Timeless Industries: Weather

Unless the world ceases to exist, the weather will always be one of our most timeless industries. Even if humanity gets replaced in 1,000 years, there will still be entities of some kind centered around the weather. This industry is projected to be worth over $2 billion by 2025.

Businesses You Can Start

Thanks to the government making weather data completely free and available in the public domain, you can leverage that to start various tech businesses based on national weather data. The simplest thing you can do is start a forecast publishing website using their RSS feeds.

There are even WordPress plugins that make it pretty simple to set something like that up and then publish the data automatically every time they push out new information. The only downside is that since it’s been freely available for a long time, there are a lot of websites out there already doing it.

If you are willing to invest more time, you can do other (potentially more lucrative) things. One idea is combining the free weather data with the (also free) government GPS data system.

For example, you could build a navigation app for driving that shows storms in real-time using’s API service, GPS data, and MIT’s App Inventor tool.

The platform from MIT allows people without much knowledge of programming to use a blocks-based tool to build their app for iOS, Android, or both. It’s also free and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

Employment and Recruiting

The employment industry has been around as long as companies have needed talent. Although there could have been earlier groups, the first documented private employment agency was started in 1873. It’s actually still in business today, according to their website. Between recruiting firms, job search websites, and internal positions, the employment market will continue to be worth billions in the future.

Types of Jobs You Can Do in This Timeless Industry

There are a variety of jobs that you can do in the employment industry. One of the easiest ones you can get is a position as an external recruiter with a third-party firm. You can make a lot of money doing it; however, be aware of the high turnover rate.

Being a recruiter is pretty similar to being a sales representative. Speaking from experience in sales and knowing enough folks in external recruiting jobs, I can say that if you decide to go this route, be prepared to hit the ground running. You will always need to be contacting people at a high rate (think 45–100 activities daily) and stay very organized with follow-ups.

Businesses You Can Start

There are a few different technology businesses that you can start in the employment and recruiting space. It’s easier than ever to create a website for job searching with platforms like WordPress or Wix. Marketing them can be where things get challenging, though.

So many of them are similar-looking that you need to come up with something unique to differentiate yours and convince places like colleges to want to promote them to their students.

You can also start your own recruiting firm, which will come with some challenges but many rewards if you stick with it long term.

Other Recruiting Jobs

You could also get a job as a recruiter at a company that focuses on external and internal hiring. These positions may be more challenging to get since companies want to see prior experience (like with a third-party firm).

It’s similar to how companies prefer to hire internal accountants with previous experience at a public accounting firm. Often, companies hire accountants away from the firms they have current engagements with.

Final Thoughts on Timeless Industries

These three aren’t the only industries around for a while, but they will be as long as we have some basic form of economy in existence. First, many components of global trade depend on knowing what the weather will be like.

Frankly, anyone who goes anywhere daily relies on weather information to be accurate. Most businesses will always need employees at some level, even once we see more repetitive jobs eliminated by AI and robotic systems.

Lastly, people will always need a place to live or do business, no matter how they find it.

3 Timeless Industries to Do Business In was originally published on ReadWrite on February 10, 2022 by Bob Buckley.



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