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Baseus Tag Trackable HiFi TWS Earbuds: Consumer Electronic Brand Delivers New Product

Baseus, a well-known consumer electronic brand headquartered in China that makes everything from chargers, hubs, and protectors to IOT and gaming devices, small household appliances, and cables, is using Kickstarter to launch its latest product.

Baseus Tag Earbud Features and Functionality

The Baseus Tag Trackable HiFi TWS Earbuds with Dual BT Mode are an innovative new take on earbuds. Focused on creating an exceptional user experience, features include fast and accurate tracking through an app, making them lost-proof.

Incredible Sound Capability

They offer immersive sound and boosted bass, touch controls, and 25 hours of playtime as well as 90 percent noise reduction. Each earbud has a built-in 14.2mm ultra large dynamic driver. These drivers are tilted by 65°. This creates the perfect angle with the ear canal to deliver the best sound transmission. The driver diameter is larger than Apple AirPods, creating incredible stereo sound.

Pros and Cons

The earbuds are affordably priced, offering more features than other earbuds at a similar price point and costing less than other trackable earphones. The earbuds have nice touch controls that work well.

Where to Buy

These earbuds are $65. Yes, you read that right. They are only $65 compared to the competition that can range from $139 to $200 and not even offer all the features of the Baseus Tag earbuds. You can even order multiple sets and save even more money. Order them on Kickstarter today and get them by November.

Final Thoughts

Baseus Tag earbuds are a stylish, innovative, and affordable choice for trackable earbuds. They are also waterproof and compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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