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Excel Pro Secrets, Formulas in Excel; and Excel Shortcuts

Excel is the best spreadsheet application. It has thousands of formulas that can be used at multiple places making the tasks more manageable. Although we usually use formulas to solve the necessities, some functions, formulas, tricks, shortcuts, and hacks in Excel remain unknown.

The Five Craziest Excel Formulas in Excel

1. Proper formula in Excel

2. Roman formula in Excel

3. Concatenate formula in Excel

4. Randbetween formula in Excel

5. Choose formula in Excel

The Five Tricks to Help You Excel at Excel

Find total working days between two dates, including holidays.

Restricting input with data validation function

Transpose Data from a Row to a Column

Input values starting with 000

Add more than 1 row or column.

The Five Shortcuts to Make You Faster in Excel

How to scroll between multiple sheets in the same workbook

How to show the active cell on the worksheet

How to display the “Go-To” Dialogue box

How to hide columns or rows

How to start a new line in the same cell

Shortcut for line break inside a cell: Alt + Enter



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