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How the Launch of Two Story’s Performance Analytics Tool Will Change How You Hire

If your business is just getting big enough to bring on full-time employees, hiring might be an exciting prospect. You get to search for the best people to build your vision and take things to the next level.

Creating A Story Rather Than A Profile

Performance Story, as its name implies, gives a comprehensive picture of an employee rather than a list of attributes. It’s a huge advancement that better reflects the complexity of humans. Performance Story avoids boiling candidates down to their skills and whether or not they’re extroverted-which has never given a complete picture.

Reviewing The Candidate’s Story

Performance analytics could show the person in question needs a clear advancement path to remain engaged long term. Performance Story generates a list of key questions to ask interviewees in order to confirm or adjust candidate profiles. In this case, it might not be useful to ask the interviewee about a time they overcame adversity at work. It would be far more insightful to inquire if they’ve ever had a path of advancement in their prior jobs.

If The Employee Succeeds, Everyone Succeeds

One of the central aspects of Performance Story is asking a very simple question for candidates. What type of placement is going to give each person the best chance of success? And this goes far beyond the basic functions of the job itself.

Using Science, Not Guesswork

There are all sorts of vague ways that employers or hiring managers make hiring decisions. They can be based on feelings, first impressions, or the candidate being the local mayor’s sister-in-law. Those methods may be better than pulling a random resume and extending an offer, but data and analysis can change the game. Using an approach that offers performance analytics, behavior analysis, and AI predictive abilities can make hiring more efficient and facilitate a better job/candidate fit.



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