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How to Earn an Income Working from Home

A few years ago, remote work was typically only available to management-level individuals and executives. The remote workers had to be within large companies and be among those who had put in years of work to gain such an enviable opportunity. Fast forward to 2019 as we transition into what many are deeming the “gig economy.” Remote working opportunities are multiplying at lightning speeds. You’ll want to know how to earn an income working from home.

Opportunities are available within the remote workspace.

Live Broadcasting

If you have excellent verbal communication skills, an exciting hobby or knowledge set and you love getting to know new people, then you may want to consider live broadcasting. There are several companies out there that offer paid opportunities for live broadcasters. One of our favorites is Symposium.

The company created a live-broadcasting platform (available via their app), which follows a pay-per-view model so you can make money while you livestream with personal one to one or one to many sessions. They provide exclusive social access to everyone, from business professionals to celebrities, social media influencers, athletes, and more. The topics you can stream about are limited only by your imagination, and with countless users, your earning potential is sky-high.

Customer Service

Candidates with solid written and verbal communication skills may want to consider applying for positions within the customer service industry. These opportunities are prevalent within the remote workspace and are often additionally willing to accommodate entry-level candidates.

Companies such as Amazon offer numerous remote, work-from-home opportunities within their customer service department, especially during their busy holiday seasons. Rates typically start around $10.00/hour, and the company additionally offers in-depth, online training to all individuals brought on board.

TTEC(Teletech) is a global company that helps other organizations build incredible customer experiences. This company has an entire section of their website that is dedicated to work-from-home positions. Opportunities as a TTEC@Home Associate are available to individuals living in the United States and Canada.

Aetna is another well-known organization that offers numerous remote work positions in a wide array of fields, including customer service. In fact, as of August 2019, they currently have hundreds of salaried positions that offer flexible remote work or full-time remote work.

Online Instructing

If you currently possess a bachelor’s degree and you’re interested in teaching, then there are numerous opportunities available to you as an online instructor.

Kaplan is a well-known company that provides educational services and programs to colleges, universities, and businesses all over the world. Interested candidates can apply to SAT Tutor/Instructor positions and even take advantage of brand ambassadorship opportunities.

VIPKID is another well-known online education company that connects American and Canadian instructors with international students for virtual lessons in English. The company prides itself on the immersive experience it provides, which also means that individuals signing up for instructor positions need not be fluent or knowledgeable in any other languages except for English. The company offers flexible schedules and opportunities to anyone holding a bachelor’s degree and interested in online instructing.

Administrative Work

Candidates with a background in the administrative field will be happy to find that there are numerous opportunities available within this realm for remote work. Appen is a company based in Australia which provides data for machine learning and AI products.

They offer four basic job categories:

1) Raters

2) Language

3) Micro Tasks

4) Corporate

Other positions are flexible, part-time, administrative-level home-based opportunities and, of course, require a computer and a mobile device. Language opportunities provide flexible work opportunities in transcription, translation, and linguistics. On the other hand, Micro Tasks are quick and easy tasks that can be completed from home in about an hour. You can also browse their corporate job opportunities in the fields of marketing, sales, finance, and more.

Another company that prides itself on its remote work opportunities is Airbnb. Airbnb burst into popularity in recent years and quickly transformed itself from an ambitious startup to a company earning billions of dollars in revenue annually. This organization offers numerous remote, entry level positions as well as salaried work-from-home opportunities. Interested candidates can apply to openings in numerous fields including sales, marketing, communications and more.


If you have a strong background in sales, or you’re just interested in getting your foot in the door, then you’ll be excited to find that positions as such are quite prevalent within the remote workspace.

Hilton offers numerous work-from-home positions and even has an entire section of their website dedicated to remote opportunities. The company also offers numerous employee perks including benefits, great reduced room rates worldwide and discounts on products and services.

Dell additionally has hundreds of full-time, salaried, work-from-home positions as well as flexible, remote options in the fields of sales, account management and more. The company furthermore offers competitive salary and an excellent benefits program.

Brad Anderson

How to Earn an Income Working from Home was originally published on ReadWrite on October 8, 2019 by Brad Anderson.




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