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It’s Time That Your Company Invests In Policies That Benefit Working Parents

Corporate America is facing a growing problem. More working parents are quitting and leaving their jobs to attend to their families, and employers are perhaps the ones to blame for the lackluster support and guidance.

The Growing Importance Of Flexible Work

Since the onset of the pandemic, which saw millions of employees shifting to remote work, employees have become accustomed to the increased autonomy they have in their everyday working life.

Childcare Benefits For Working Parents That Work

The cost of childcare has skyrocketed in recent years, and as of 2020, childcare costs for children younger than five years consumed 17% to 20% of the average American’s annual income. More shockingly, in some states, this figure was as high as 30%.

Allowing More Working Mothers Into Leadership Roles

Research shows that more women left the workforce than their male counterparts during the early months of the pandemic.

Offering Guidance, Recognition, And Appreciation

In some companies, working parents often require assistance or guidance that can help them to find a balance between work and personal responsibilities.

The Bottom Line

America’s working parents need assistance, and employers will need to be more innovative and inclusive in how they structure workplace policies that offer them flexibility, and childcare provisions and foster a healthy working environment.



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