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Narwal T10 Robot Mop On Time’s Best Invention List

The Narwal T10 Robot Mop and Vac with an automatic mop cleaning station was on The Best Invention of 2020 list — but I just barely tried it out this week. Here is my review.

These robot vacuums have been sucking it up big time around our homes for many years now — and if you haven’t had one of these tools, you’ve missed out. Initially, the wet/dry robos have had a few issues — the most conspicuous for me was that I had to stick the thing in the garage sink (or even the tub) and clean the thing after use. Yuko! Then, that action necessitated cleaning the sink, or worse, the tub.

Time called it at the end of 2020 — but I call it now — this robot mop and vac is simply the best.

Oh, the beauty of the Narwal T10 — it cleans itself. May I repeat — it cleans itself.

To begin with, I didn’t care if the Narwal T10 did a fabulous job on the floors — I just didn’t want to get my hands dirty with the after-clean. My hands get rashes and itching and other troubles from dirty water (and wearing gloves) — I just can’t afford to be out of work, piano practice, or family time because my hands are swollen and itchy.

Other people may not have hand issues, but you can bet dirty water is affecting your health in some way — even if you don’t see or feel it.

Most people demand a “pretty-good clean.” Well, this robot mop and vacuum does a fantastic, top-notch job. It even reaches and cleans out the corners (the bane of my existence).

My floors are tile which cleans up nicely — so I wanted to experiment on wood floors to be able to report more accurately on this product. There is almost nothing that compares to the beauty of a wood floor. Narwal T10 has auto-dry to prevent germs and bacteria growth, so even your wood floors stay shiny and clean — and (most importantly) dry.

You’ll want to hop on the product site and watch the vids about the Narwal T10 in operation. I affectionately call my Narwal, — “Tee.” “Hey, Tee” I say, — “I have friends coming over after work — get the kitchen floor done before I get home.” Then, from my phone at work, I turn Tee on — and the floor is done before I get home. Seriously, a freshly cleaned floor looks and smells great.

Inner Image Credit: from the Narwal website; Thank you! Featured Image Credit: Pixabay; Pexels; Thank you!

Deanna Ritchie

Narwal T10 Robot Mop On Time’s Best Invention List was originally published on ReadWrite on July 15, 2022 by Deanna Ritchie.



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