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Smart Home Technology for Your Investment Property

Do you have a rental property? Are you looking for ways to make it more attractive to tenants who might have many options in your community, city, or state? One way to do so is by offering more value for the rent they pay — and you can achieve this with smart home technology.

Smart Home Tech Investment Options

Smart Thermostat

Video Doorbell

Smart Home Security System

  • Smart security cameras
  • Motion sensors that detect motion and send notifications if motion is detected
  • Glass break sensors that will send alerts if glass is broken
  • Entry sensors to detect whenever someone enters or leaves the rental unit
  • An alarm to warn of any potential danger and potentially frighten off crooks

Smart Wireless Camera

Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker

Smart Smoke Detector

Smart Plug

Smart Lightbulb

Smart Garage Opener

And That’s Not All…



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