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The Future of Software Development is in the Cloud — and Here is Why

The digital shift that has taken place in economics has affected every facet of business. Technology rules the world from their operations to the products and services they offer.

Cloud Computing as a Trend

Since 2010, the cloud industry has grown tremendously, reaching $304.9 billion in valuation by 2021. This marketing growth of over 380% can be partially attributed to the increase in data and the recent boost in telecommuting.

Stanford University Moves to the Cloud

Stanford University, which has long been the core technology hub in California, is known for encouraging and nourishing the entrepreneurial spirit among its students. As a result, its faculty and alumni have founded the majority of the leading tech behemoths, including Google, Nike, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, and PayPal.

Top Two Reasons Why Stanford Will Survive in the Cloud

When Stanford was about to move online, many knew they would miss the atmosphere and networking opportunities provided by the institution. This shift was inevitable due to the rise of cloud computing and remote work. The coronavirus and related restrictions only accelerated this shift, leading to global changes in the fields of business relations, investing, and startup culture.

  • In the case of Hollywood, you realize that this creates no exceptional opportunities for you except for unique experiences. In the case of Silicon Valley, this delusion can defocus you and lead to wrong decisions.
  • Startup spending cannot be compared to that of the tech giants. A startup has to spend the same amount of money to compete with Facebook and other tech corporations, which is hardly possible in the modern business environment.

Demonstrate High-Quality Services

In such circumstances, a startup is forced to demonstrate the highest quality of services or products at the lowest cost. And this is where outsourcing comes into play. The only way to do it is to find a trusted outsourcing partner based far from Stanford.

New Business Environment

And in such a new business environment, communication is king. Communications are not limited to video and audio effects. It is more than that. It is about the right balance of soft and hard skills; it is about psychological, political, and geographical factors that combine to create a communication framework that is suited for all parties involved.

The New Rules of the Labor Market

In the world where companies have shifted to the cloud, the recruiting and hiring processes are no longer restricted to a defined geographical area. Companies, especially startups, consider cross-cultural teams to be beneficial for their environment. Thus, recruiting people from different parts of the world has become common, widespread among up-and-coming and well-developed businesses alike.

Raising Investment in Times of Pandemic

Previously, pitch day was the main event for all startup founders. They practiced pitching to investors, making their speeches more alluring and promising. However, it was essential to bring more facts and arguments to the table to raise more funds and quickly bring your product to the market.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Previously, without a face-to-face meeting with your potential investor, you could hardly count on any deal; today, you have an excellent chance to seal a deal via Zoom. Currently, it is a widespread practice.

Final Words

All in all, moving to the cloud should be seen as the best-case scenario for tech companies. This is because it strengthens trust and allows tracking of all online operations as well as launching apps that do not consume lots of resources.



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