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To Reconnect a Divided Country — We Must Embrace Abundance and Reject Scarcity

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency has hit the front page; accordingly, President Donald Trump is hitting back. Rather than embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain, he’s sounding the Twitter alarm. Despite being a free-world leader, his stance is hardly free-thinking. Instead, it’s an insular view based on fear and scarcity — concepts that fly in the face of innovation. We need to reconnect our divided country by embracing abundance.

The blockchain debate illustrates our country’s struggle between abundance and scarcity mindsets. If we allow the former to overshadow the latter, we’ll stunt our growth.

Libra promises unrivaled accessibility to financial management beyond our current system. It could open doors to the masses unable to bank because of identity or other hurdles.

Cryptocurrency: Making the Case

Are there risks to cryptocurrency and blockchain? Yes, and they can be mitigated despite legislators’ admonishments. Congress is locking horns over Bitcoin and Libra, with some leaders claiming cryptocurrency is unstoppable and others certain it’s a criminal’s paradise. They forget fraud occurs with cash, too. If they examined how other revolutionary platforms like PayPal and Venmo have benefited society, they might view new technology from a less suspicious lens.

Interestingly, people aren’t as afraid of blockchain as cryptocurrency, but they don’t know how to embrace it, either.

Like the early internet of the ’90s, the concepts are novel. However, we’ve made Googling an everyday occurrence, and we carry supercomputers in our pockets. We can adjust to the blockchain if we’re open to its possibilities of fostering untold wealth and commerce.

Blockchain-based votes allow more affordable resources and can be submitted in almost real-time.

In limited trials, they’ve protected election integrity with minimal pitfalls. Certainly, getting a population to vote through a smart device comes with its own set of concerns, but small experiments allow us to gauge blockchain’s efficacy in controlled situations.

A World of Plenty

Throughout our life span, America has always taken risks to achieve enhanced, freer existences. Consider the moon landing: Yes, it was fraught with potential issues, but those issues didn’t hold us back — they pushed us. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and whatever comes next can do the same.

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