Top Technology Companies You Should Know

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Top Technology Companies You Should Know

Today’s modern world is completely based on technology. Due to the technological advancements in today’s world, people are enjoying their lives even more, today than ever before.

Since the inventive products and business strategies of superior technology companies have revolutionized the way people live, top technology companies have seen tremendous growth in this period. In the future to come, the influence of those top technology companies will further revolutionize the world. Today’s world is changing with every passing moment, and it will change more in the future.

Influence of Top Technology Companies on People’s Lives

It is a dream come true for any person who wants to work in the technology industry. If a person can land any job in any of the technological giant companies, that is a phenomenal achievement.

It is important for everyone to keep knowledge about those companies in depth. Because these top technology companies will change the upcoming future. So, let’s talk about some of the top technology-based companies in the world in brief.


Amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the world at the moment. The company has brought people some very popular products & platforms. The products and platforms include Amazon Store, Amazon Prime Video,, and Alexa. Jeff Bezos established the company in 1994. It has a market price value of more than 1.3 trillion dollars at this time. Moreover, Amazon became a top company in the cloud computing service industry which is related to Amazon Web Services.

With all its products and services, Amazon is moving at a quick pace toward the future. The company has job opportunities for many experienced professionals and also provides internship opportunities. There are many departments in the Amazon company like Human resources, support, marketing, and more.


Apple is another famous company in the technology industry. The company makes popular products such as iPhone, iPod, and MacBook. They also have brought products like AirPods and Apple Watch for their customers. Through all those products, Apple has managed to keep the attention of the people in its pristine condition.

And due to that, Apple has successfully become a tech giant. The marketplace value of Apple is more than 2.5 billion dollars at the moment. This USA-based company is a very lucrative company to work at. In the future to come, people believe that the company will get even bigger & influential.

Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc is a USA-based Multinational Tech-based company that has become the parent company of Google & other Google Subsidiaries. Google is the biggest revenue-earning subsidiary of Alphabet inc. Moreover, Google subsidiaries include Google Cloud and Google Mail. Other popular products & platforms are Android and YouTube.

Among the most valuable corporations in the world, Alphabet ranks as the third largest technology company in terms of revenue. Along with Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, people consider it as one of the “Big Five” American IT firms. The company has earned a market value of more than 1.5 trillion dollars. People have stated that Alphabet Inc. also moves forward to investing in start-ups and companies. Alphabet Inc. is now working closely with cloud-gaming systems, smart home projects, etc.


USA-based Microsoft is another tech giant dominating since the year 1975. Microsoft has given some important products in people’s lives, like Microsoft Software, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Teams. At this time, the company has already earned more than 2 trillion dollars in market value. It is no doubt that, in everyone’s daily lives, software by Microsoft is inseparable.

Microsoft also has some popular subsidiary platforms such as the Networking platform LinkedIn, Communication and video platform Skype, and a Software building platform named Github. With the help of those platforms, Microsoft is maintaining its influence.


Meta is an emerging platform that was changed from Facebook Inc. Now the Meta company has popular platforms & subsidiaries such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Nowadays, a large group of people is using Meta products for Communication purposes. At present, Meta is working to bring Augmented reality to the people in the future. In the future, Meta is definitely going to assert more influence due to technological advancements.


Another popular tech company that is popular among people for its software. People use popular software like Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Creative Clouds daily. The software Photoshop and Illustrator help in design purposes. Whereas Adobe Acrobat helps to read PDF books with ease.


The company has brought smartphones, smart televisions, and other smart technology devices to the market for customers to maintain demand. Samsung phones, Samsung smart home devices, Samsung A.C., and other Samsung company products are highly used by people all over the world.

Oracle Corporation

Another American software-based company that has more than 4 lakh customers globally. Customers include FedEx, Xerox, and Siemens Healthineers. Moreover, the company has popular products like Oracle Cloud, Java, MySQL, and Oracle Linux. Many people in different industries and sectors use different software by Oracle Corporation in versatile works.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, technology firms have emerged as key influencers. They have maintained influence on economic development, customer preferences & lifestyles, and stock market performance.

Many people have witnessed the growth and contribution of those firms in this duration. In this situation, those top companies have a direct connection to every aspect of people’s lives through their products and services.

For example, iPhone from Apple, Microsoft Windows and Office from Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Gmail, and much more software are part and parcel of people’s lives. So, companies control a large portion of people’s time, habits, and work efficiency.

Because of that, companies control the economic condition of the world to a very significant extent. These companies are influential, and therefore, it is important for us to know about those companies in depth.

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