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Why You Need a Data-Driven Framework to Guide Employee Experience

Employee experience, a foundational element of the workplace that lies at the heart of an organization’s success, remains a top talent concern for HR leaders. This isn’t a surprise given that 46% of employees are largely dissatisfied with their overall experience at their organization, according to a survey by Gartner last fall.

Track Employees’ Progress to Goals to Fuel Your Company Mission

To improve training and performance, the modern workplace needs to hone in on the crucial connection between employees and their operating environments — and that starts with data. By implementing a framework for data analysis automation and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), organizations acquire a transformative ability to provide the insights needed to encourage and support successful employee performance.

Leaders, You Are Losing Sight of the Link Between Employees and Strategy

It can be too easy to lose the thread of connection between a company’s top leaders and the people that they oversee, despite their intrinsic interconnections. Often, goals are determined at the top, and they trickle down the employee chain of an organization, dribbling off tasks here and there to various teams and individuals.

Pay Attention to Employee Engagement, and Start Now

What exactly is employee engagement? It’s more than just workers engaging in their work. It is reached by fostering a working environment where employees are consistently in a positive psychological state. Finding this balance can be difficult and require some core changes to the way in which people think about human experience at work, but the results enjoyed by those organizations that manage it are proving incredible.

The Time is Now: Involve Your Employees in the Strategic Plan

The evidence exists that OKRs can increase employee engagement by allowing employees to participate in decision-making at the most basic level. Setting bottom-up goals for the company and also encouraging employees to set their own inspiring personal goals is an effective way to empower individual employees in charting their own courses while also aligning with the greater company initiatives.

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