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Resources for AI Distance Learning

We understand that teaching AI has become incredibly challenging due to COVID-19 without access to your classroom tools and a hurried transition to remote teaching. Here we have compiled some resources for you during this difficult time. We are here to help, please reach out to us at

  1. Join us for virtual AI classes
See course schedules at
  • Recommend your students to take FREE virtual classes with us, every Thursday at 1 pm ET
  • We have adapted our after-school program into a virtual format, still with the same curiosity and fun!
  • For detailed lesson descriptions and to enroll, please see here.

2. Create student groups and teach our self-paced courses

See more self-paced courses at
  • You can choose from doing our self-paced courses together with students virtually or assigning them as homework
  • Course topics include Five Big Ideas in AI, Machine Learning, AI Ethics (from MIT)
  • To see how your students are progressing, create groups for them! See the tutorial here.

3. Teach Calypso

Check out cloud Calypso at
  • You can continue to teach programming using Calypso via the new online, Cloud Calypso platform:
  • No robot necessary, the entire program runs in your browser. Registering for an account is free
  • Cloud Calypso has all the functionalities of Calypso except it is stimulator mode only.
  • Looking for ideas to teach? Check out our virtual class descriptions or join in live!

4. Talk to students about how AI is helping the fight against COVID-19

Most importantly, please remember to take care of yourself and your family! We wish you well.



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