4 Amazingly Easy Ed-Tech tools to Introduce Kids to STEM.

Sami-Jo Perruzza
Feb 18, 2019 · 3 min read
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If I knew what I know now 8 years ago, I would of started learning Computer Science MUCH earlier on. The world has quickly evolved within cyber space, and having the tools and knowledge of how technology works will NEVER not be a useful skill.

Kids today have the advantage of accessing amazing technology at such an early age, so why not also introduce ways in which they can learn how to craft their own? Here is a list of 4 Ed-Tech tools that make learning fun and easy for children of all ages — and yes that also includes the children at heart!

1. Kahoot

Kahoot! is a platform application that makes it easy to make and play “fun” learning games and quizzes. You can create, play, share, and challenge people to your “Kahoots” basically anywhere at anytime — and with anyone! From my perspective, this would be a great way to get kids ages 4+ started and interested in the process of making a game

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2. Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop encourages hands-on play and learning. Their vision is to inspire kids of all ages by giving them tools to imagine and invent the future. For example Wonder Workshops introduces children to the basics of computer engineering through “missions”, in which they have to code a robot through Wonder Workshop applications. The company also has a Robotics Competition Invitational available for kids, which definitely sounds fun to me! From my general overview of this product, I would recommended it to kids around the ages of 10–14.

3. Ready Maker

The super tool for people of ALL ages. Backed by Unity, the Ready Maker application offers you a simple way to create and publish games WITHOUT coding experience to the iTunes, Google & Windows App stores. Can you imagine? Creating a hit app without prior coding experience? With Ready Maker, programming is a breeze. Not only can you create your own video games, but you can also program and control your Robots and Arduino. It’s a great STEM tool, and is the backbone of The Ready Games, Ready’s hit competition app.

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4. Code Academy

This one is for the bigger kids. Code Academy is a great tool to use for young adults and adults alike as a resource when learning how to code. “If you know how to read, you can learn how to code.” Cody Academy provides structured and easy to follow curriculum for people at all levels of coding. Through the academy, you can learn HTML/CSS, Jacascript, Python, and more! Whether it’s for a high school project, or you’re trying to bring your work resume to a new level, Code Academy is a great place to explore your coding capabilities.


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