5 Tips For Success In Ready Games

The Ready Games
Jan 30, 2019 · 2 min read

We like to make our games challenging enough that breaking into the top 20% isn’t easy, but accessible enough that even the most casual player can find a trial to excel in.

That said, while our difficulty levels and mechanics are dynamic, there are a few things you can do to maximize that score, and aim for a sweet cash payout directly to your bank account.

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Here are 5 Tips For Success In Ready Games:

  1. Play on a modern device

The newer, more powerful your device is, the better it’ll run our game. Period. Even though our games don’t demand much horsepower, every last bit of memory helps.
More powerful device = better game performance = higher scores.

2. Practice, practice, practice…

Practice Mode is the best place to both hone your skills in any given game, and to make sure your Extra Lives are used strategically. Practice until you get a high score you’re satisfied with and user 2 Extra Lives to submit a practice score directly to the leader board.
“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect” — Vince Lombardi

3. Compete in a distraction-free zone

Do not use your competition run if you’re not physically in a place free from distraction and general chaos. To get that top score you’ll need to focus and enter a hyper-reflexive state of deep concentration. You likely will not do so well if you’re competing while taking care of that crying baby or barking dog.

4. Analyze the leader board

If you haven’t yet submitted a score then you’re in a good position to take the leader board by surprise. That player in 1st place won’t be happy to find out you’ve taken the #1 prize away from them. They’ll likely try to get their top spot back… unless there’s no time left to do so.

If you’ve submitted your score early, make sure to check in on it before the game ends. It’s very possible that others have since broken into the top 20% bracket, which may have pushed you out.

Check the leader board before you compete.

5. Follow and engage with our social channels

Follow @TheReadyGames to hear about all our latest news, events and promotions. By engaging with our community team, you’ll net yourself Extra Lives, Secret Game codes and more. If you’re following our social channels you already know how lucrative our posts can be for our players.

Follow these steps and we promise you’ll cash out in Ready Games more often.

-Donovan Oliveira

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