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It’s Raining Dogs and Cats — Web3 Game Launch Results Promise More Profit for Game Developers

After a round of beta testing, bug catching, and finalizing the game, Ready Games has evolved Game Storm Studios’ Police Dog Chase to its web3 variation: Crypto Police Dog Online. These dogs, as well as the cats of Pet Cat Sims (next in line to launch), mark the first animal pair boarding Ready’s “Noah’s Ark” web3 gaming ecosystem.

KPIs That Speak For Themselves

We have seen a general trend of players preferring web3 games over web2 alternatives, and for good reason. Web3 promises players economic benefits of ownership and monetization that web2 cannot offer. This reality manifested in Crypto Police Dog’s organic player engagement growth of 30% following its recent web3 launch. These “organic” players, who reached the game independently of our promotional campaigns, spent an average of 14m 28s in-game.

Promotion by Ready Games

Although web3 games are by nature more popular among players, we promote the success of each and every game in our ecosystem as if they were our own, even though the game developers maintain full ownership rights. When you build with our tools, every achievement your game reaches validates the quality of our tech, so we do everything in our power to ensure your game’s success.

In-Game Purchases in Web3

What if the value of your in-game items surpassed the parameters of your game world? Using Ready’s developer dashboard and intuitive tools, any developer (or player, for that matter) can create in-game NFT assets that break through the boundaries of conventional game items — they can be used across the ecosystem’s games, traded on the marketplace, and even melted to retrieve the infused value of $AURA tokens (every NFT minted in Ready’s ecosystem is infused with some value of $AURA).

What Makes Ready’s Web3 Games Better?

These KPI results are no surprise. We have built a game ecosystem that gives players and developers alike nearly irresistible benefits including a token economy bearing real, shared value with comprehensive and compliant rules to guide the system.

Meet $AURA — Ready’s Ecosystem Token

Since Ready Games is an ecosystem comprised of many games, we introduced a token to create a single economy standard across all games to introduce stability, cross-game mobility, and value to players and game developers. The $AURA token functions as the ecosystem’s gold standard and enables players and assets to move seamlessly in-between games.

$AURA-Infused NFTs

Some amount of $AURA is infused into every NFT item in the ecosystem — whether it’s a pair of shoes for your avatar, a police dog, or a pet cat. This means that every NFT in Ready’s ecosystem contains inherent value that can be accessed at any time; just melt the NFT and the tokens are yours.

NFTs & Lasting Value for Game Devs

When you create, or “mint”, in-game assets in the form of NFTs, those items will forever be traceable on the blockchain despite changing ownership, and the original creators will continue to reap rewards far beyond the point of original mint and initial sale. This means that game developers like you will receive royalties for every trade or sale of any one of your in-game NFT items for all time, and you’ll also get a cut every time a token-infused NFT is melted for tokens.



Building the world’s leading distributed ecosystem for web3 mobile gaming. Powered by $aura, a token uniquely designed to support free-to-play mobile games. Aligning economic interests between devs, creators, and players for the creation of a sustainable distribution.

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