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Ready’s Token-Infused NFT Airdrop Unveils A New Frontier of Game Promotion in Web3

When it comes to game development, one of the most daunting, tedious, and uncertain pieces of the puzzle isn’t the actual development at all but rather spreading the word, accruing players, and building a community following. Ready Games is cracking the web3 game marketing code to pave the way for any web3 game’s success.

  1. You can promote your airdrop within Ready Games’ NFT marketplace and social chats.
  2. Being part of Ready Games’ ecosystem means that Ready will spread the word to our community about your airdrop.

Campaign Mapping

The next step in the airdrop journey was to map out the facts, goals, and specifics about the campaign and condense it all into clear, compelling, consistent, and friendly messaging in order to create content and images for a dedicated Gleam page, emails, social posts, and community messages.

Our Edge: Token-Infused NFTs

When Ready set out to answer the foundational questions of the campaign, one key question was: “Why would somebody want a Ready Arcade NFT?” The answer revealed the primary edge of the campaign and unique elements of Ready’s ecosystem design: infused value in every NFT.

The Results

Ready tested the token-infused NFT airdrop, and it exceeded expectations: check out the community growth stats, Gleam page results, 97% Twitter score, and high number of new active followers.

You Can Do It Too!

As a web3 game developer, you might be under the impression that you need to launch your own native game token in order to conduct an airdrop and grow your community, but take Ready as your example: all you need are some token-infused in-game NFT assets minted straight from your Ready Developer Dashboard, and you’ll be all set to launch your own token-infused NFT airdrop. Ready Games’ tools give you the ability to mint custom token-infused NFTs without ever launching a token of your own — everything is backed by the $AURA token, our regulation-compliant token diligently developed by tokenomics experts. And if NFTs aren’t your style, you can also easily launch a token airdrop with Ready Games by white-labeling the $AURA token with your chosen game token name. Anything is possible when you have the proper tools and resources, and Ready Games has everything needed to build up your next web3 game’s success in record time.



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