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Sami-Jo Perruzza
Apr 11, 2019 · 3 min read
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Ask yourself; How many subscriptions are you personally subscribed to right now? More importantly, how many do you pay for and WHY do you feel the need to do so month after month? What makes it worth it to you?

Currently I have my Netflix, my Spotify, and my Ready Games mobile app subscriptions. What is the common thread between these things that makes ME want to continue these monthly purchases? They each provide me a convenient service with tons of variation AND gives me the option to be advertisement free. These, I believe, are the three key factors to each subscription.

Each one of these companies grants a user access to a full catalogue of media. Netflix giving me over 14,835 titles, Spotify giving me access to over 25 million songs, and Ready Games giving me 3 different mobile games to compete in a week with over 130 games run thus far. Alone, any one of these media types can cost anywhere from $5-$80 depending on the type and popularity. Who in their right mind would continue to pay for $20 albums when they can have unlimited access to them for $12.99 a month? These days, not too many. With other companies like Hulu, HBO, Crave TV, and more, it is clear that the subscription model is here to stay and people are willing to bet a pretty penny on it… About $8.99/month in Netflix case.

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Another key factor with subscriptions is the opt-out of advertisements. In todays world and with todays technology, life is one giant Beats by Dr. Dre ad. We see ads driving, on youtube, in movies, on shows, podcasts… you name it, it probably has an ad in it. This constant bombardment has us willing to pay cold hard cash for a little peace of mind in knowing that — if even just for a moment — we are not being manipulated by the capitalist agenda. One of the heavenly perks in paying for subscriptions like Spotify and Ready Games is that ads in between every single action are avoided unless the content itself has an ad placed into — aka a sponsored game or podcast. This is really convenient for someone who is always listening to music or playing games but also doesn’t care about what Nike named it’s latest shoe every 5 minutes.

For me, another point of interest is that you don’t HAVE to spend money on some of these platforms in order to have fun. If you don’t mind ads between each song, you can still use Spotify. Not interested in 9 extra lives a month, access to past games AND access to bonus games on Ready Games? You can still play the featured games and win money for free. This ability to choose how we take in our media content is almost more important than any price tag or GrubHub ad a person can buy. This is why these three platforms have made me lifelong subscribers.


The worlds most active platform to compete in mobile casual…

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