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The New Frontier for Creatives in Gaming: Ready Games

The emerging digital space of web3 offers creative minds unprecedented ways to monetize their creations, and Ready Games is building the leading resources and tools for creatives to thrive in web3.

Web2 — a centralized social space

The web2 space has opened the platform for people to express their creativity in a public forum. Anyone can build a website, blog, or vlog, people can become influencers based on their digital creativity, and all this at the expense of millions of data points monopolized by the ‘big tech’ firms.

The creative potential for individuals in web2 is limited to just that: creation and publicity. What if you’re creative but not into publicizing yourself or your life? What about monetization? Monetizing your creativity in the current web2 reality must go through the big-tech entities, who take a generous cut. Good news for creatives, web3 has emerged, promising true ownership, independence, freedom of movement, and effective channels for monetization.

Web3 — a limitless decentralized space

Since all products of web2 creativity — blogs, vlogs, etc. — are owned by big tech, meaningful monetization of digital creations is only possible in the web3 space. Web3 is a digital reality based on blockchain technology to mediate between parties and validate the transaction of digital goods. The blockchain gives each transaction a timestamp in history and provides the purchaser proof of ownership. Digital currencies are the basis for the system, allowing an internal exchange of value in the digital space.

So what does this mean for artists, designers, and other creative minds?

Digital Artists

Blockchain creates a reality where the middleman entity is not needed for transactions, so artists can market their designs directly to buyers on web3 marketplaces. NFTs make the digital art ownable and ever traceable back to the original creator, so the artist will receive royalties from every future exchange of the item. The buyer, in turn, receives the item instantly at the time of transaction, as well as proof of ownership. The item can thereafter be held, collected, or sold for profit on any exchange at any time.

Art collectors, patrons, and investors are all drawn to NFT art for various reasons, and many NFT collections attract buyers by promising utilities and club benefits to their holders.


Although Spotify and Youtube have made access to music pretty universal, NFT tech gives talented musicians who are just starting out access to patrons and funds who believe in their music while providing a trade-off of value to the patrons, fans, and investors. Music NFTs allow fans and collectors to own a piece of music history and investors to buy musical assets to sell for profit once the band ‘makes it big’.

Writers & Specialists

Writers and niche specialists can take advantage of web3’s token economy through websites like Steemit, a social posting platform that attributes monetary worth to posts based on post interaction and upvoting. It’s essentially a token-based Reddit where writers, enthusiasts, and specialists can earn money for sharing useful information with the public.

UGC and Gaming

In web2, content creators don’t receive lasting credit for their UGC. This is especially true in non-monetized games, where the creators of legendary modifications, say, in the first version of Dota, Warcraft II MOD, didn’t receive credit or profits for the use of their UGC in DOTA2. Monetized games like Fortnite give creators some remuneration for their UGC, but this compensation is definitely limited as compared to web3 creator profits.

We have already seen how blockchain is beginning to impact the gaming industry, and user-generated content is one of those creative areas that web3 is improving. This is especially relevant as more players use avatars to play in metaverse environments. An entire economy is now emerging of avatar goods, fashion, accessories, and everything to meet your avatar’s every ‘need’.

Create and Sell on Ready Games

The future is in our pockets — literally. That’s why Ready is introducing a mobile-first platform for web3 gaming, including a creator dashboard with an industry-leading design suite of tools to create and mint NFTs all in one convenient place. Once assets are designed and minted as game-compatible NFTs, Ready’s UGC marketplace offers a whole world of benefits to creators. Listing NFT game assets on Ready’s marketplace comes with tons of creator perks:

  • A community of buyers
  • Avatar compatibility
  • Cross-game compatibility
  • Direct monetization from buyers
  • Royalties from secondary sales

Why is Ready giving all of these tools and resources to creators? Ready is in the process of building the leading gaming ecosystem, and the creative power of users has the potential to foster the best in-game content available on the market and set the ecosystem above all competition. Stay tuned for the official UGC Marketplace release announcement coming soon, and discover the leading web3 gaming ecosystem in the meantime.



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