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The Next GameFi Leader: Ready Games

The gaming industry is leading the shift to decentralization and blockchain technology. Ready Games has emerged as one of the largest GameFi communities in the space, with a projection of over one million web3 players by Q1 2023.

Ready Games’ web3 tech stack lights the way for game developers

On-Chain SDKs

Community-Driven Beta Testing

Cross-Game Interoperability

A New Level of Web3 Ownership

UGC NFT Marketplace

Ready for Web3



Building the world’s leading distributed ecosystem for web3 mobile gaming. Powered by $aura, a token uniquely designed to support free-to-play mobile games. Aligning economic interests between devs, creators, and players for the creation of a sustainable distribution.

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The Ready Games

Making social games & infrastructure for the Web3/Game Dev creator economy.