Tips & Tricks to getting your Business booming on Social Media.

Sami-Jo Perruzza
Jul 17, 2019 · 4 min read
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If you run a small business and/or Start Up company, you know good and plenty that getting noticed on Social Media and making profiles on platforms like Twitter and Facebook a part of your Marketing efforts is pretty much a MUST.

Having a great social strategy will not only contribute to the growth of your business, but also serve as a great tool to connect to new customers, other people in your industry, and more! These days, starting a new social media account in 2019 is kind of a nightmare, but luckily with some best practices, you can optimize your chances of success!

  1. More Personal Than Business
    Leave the business rhetoric behind! Use first person words like “I” and “we” to make your posts feel more personal and address your audience directly. Keeping your posts personal is the most effective way to get your message across on social media.

    2. The Company Voice
    Developing a voice for helps convey personality, making us more trustworthy to users. This can be a challenge with multiple people posting on Social Media. The voice should remain consistent throughout EVERY post, maintaining a similar tone and style. Keep that in mind when writing posts!

    3. Include Graphics That Pair Well!
    Your copy is extremely important in social media posts, but the structure of your post matters as well. Studies have shown that text-only posts experience significantly less engagement than posts that include a visual addition. An image can grab your reader’s attention. An interesting video will convey information better than a lengthy text post. Utilizing visual elements will improve click-through rates and convey information efficiently and effectively. Trick: Have a lot of text? Keep the image simple. Don’t have a text heavy post? Feel free to include a slightly “busier” graphic with text.
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4. Buzzworthy Headlines
With every post shared on social media, it’s important to create an effective, concise headline. It should grab the reader’s attention. Make headline as brief as possible while still conveying the message. Effective headlines make people curious about the rest of the post and evoke emotions that make people want to read on.

5. Create Shareable Content
Social media is all about promoting your brand to your followers, to their followers, and to their followers’ followers. This is called REACH. It’s important to create content that people want to share. Evoke emotions that make people want to read, and make people laugh when possible. Referencing and promoting popular causes is a great way to get attention as well. Use positive language in your posts, as most users are more likely to attach themselves to positive posts than negative ones.

6. Editing
Social media is much less formal than other platforms, but it’s still important to maintain a degree of professionalism. Your posts should feel personal and real, but they should not include errors. Spelling and grammar errors or typos make your brand seem less professional and trustworthy. Although the authenticity of your posts is important, error-free posts will result in improved trust among your readers and more social shares. Don’t forget to break up walls of text! Properly formatted Tweets look much better than paragraphs.

7. Keep It Simple
Don’t keep people guessing. Be direct with your message. While Twitter automatically limits your number of characters, Facebook does not. It’s important to keep your Facebook posts short enough that readers do not have to click “see more” to finish your post. Shorter social media posts have been proven to produce higher click through rates than long, complex ones.

8. Know The Tricks & Trades Of Your Platform!
Every single Social Media Platform has it’s tricks of its trade, and as the platforms change and update, it’s important to keep up to date on what works best which each algorithm.

Helpful Sites when looking for Social Media Information:

Do you have some cool insights on social media marketing optimization you’d like to share or network about? I’d love to hear it! Feel free to reach out at or find me working behind @TheReadyGames on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram!


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