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Welcome the forefront of e-commerce in the virtual world — ICON Fashion Marketplace Preseason NFT Collection.

E-commerce has become a truly social experience where the best “storefronts” are found through social media and sourcing happens through the clever use of hashtags in feeds. We believe this experience transcends into the virtual world. Ready is powering the social game economy.

Through our partnership with , Ready is democratizing the creation and ownership of NFTs in games through our Ready Games Network. Mobile first creation tools allow anyone to design, create and sell virtual goods directly to developers and players on RGNs marketplaces. Hashtags are the true e-commerce real estate in RGN, where by owning a storefront NFT ANYONE can be a Virtual Goods entrepreneur, by truly owning THAT part of RGN’s marketplace — The forefront of e-commerce in the virtual world.

The launch of RGN’s marketplace through ICON will be early 2022. However, we’d like to give the opportunity for visionaries to own their piece before the launch!

Presale of storefronts will be from December 1st at 9am ET until December 3rd at 11:59pm ET, Ready will be auctioning SIX Hashtag storefront NFTs to coincide with our ICON Virtual Goods Marketplace. Bidders (YOU!) will be able to view the collection and bid (USD$) via Epik HERE.

How does this work?

  • Bid on a Hashtag storefront NFT from the Epik Website, the highest bidder gets to own that storefront.
  • Once storefronts are launched in ICON, early 2022, the Storefront coinciding with the hashtag becomes active on ICON’s virtual marketplace. You will be open for business.
  • Creators will have a choice to select which storefront they’d like to sell their item on. When that item is sold through YOUR storefront, you will receive a % of the value which that virtual good sold for.
  • Players will have the opportunity to “shop” by browsing the different storefronts directly from their phones. Making the purchasing of virtual goods so seamless. These virtual goods will also be usable through all games using the RGN technology and RGN in game economies.
  • The storefront owner will also be able to market their storefront through marketing feeds, create unique branding for it, and be as exclusive as they’d like with items sold on their storefront real estate.

Hashtag NFT Info

The following minted items will be available via Epik:

EPIK Tier:

  1. #OOTD — Own a piece of the most influential ICON marketplace. This is where trends and fashion statements are made!

GOLD Tier:

  1. #highheels — One of the most iconic modern fashion styles — corner the market on everything from stilettos to thigh highs!
  2. #dresses — Dressing Up, Dressing Down, it doesn’t get much more timeless or versatile than this storefront!


  1. #fashionhaul — Nothing like showing off a newly purchased haul — Own one of the key social merchandising trends today!
  2. #streetfashion — If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready — especially if you own the Street Fashion Storefront.
  3. #outfitinspo — What to wear? Own the go-to Storefront where players shop for style and looks to recreate themselves!

These virtual NFT hashtags are limited edition and availability per hashtag is 1. Bidding ends December 3, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.

For more information about how the Epik Auction system works, please read their FAQ article HERE.

Ready will continue to create opportunities to expand not only the ICON universe, but also the world of portable digital goods by powering the social game economy... Learn more about what Ready is up to at

— Team Ready



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