Summing up Readymag autumn product updates

Nov 21, 2019 · 4 min read

Winter is coming, so we’re summing up all the great things our developers have added to Readymag this autumn. If these changes look appealing to you, remember that from 25 to 29 November 2019 you can upgrade for less using our Black Friday discount.


Now you can easily turn your Readymag website into an online store using our new Stripe integration. The E-commerce widget is available for Creator, Professional, and Custom plans. The E-commerce widget allows you to create Add to Cart buttons for your goods, as well as customize the look of your Cart button and Checkout window.

We don’t charge any additional fees for using E-commerce — however, Stripe regulations do apply. Stripe services are not available in some countries, click here to check availability.

Learn more in this video.

Restore to published

Restore to published version’ button gives you an opportunity to undo changes made since the last version was published. You can access this option in the Project Settings, next to Republish. Please note that once you restore a previous version it cannot be undone.

Custom background for password-protected projects

You can now set a background image for the password page. The feature is accessible from Privacy tab in the Project settings menu.

Alt attribute

You can add alt attributes to images as a way to increase the web accessibility of your project.

Alt attribute allows you to describe the appearance and function of an image in the context of each page. The aim is to support visitors with visual impairments who rely on screen-reading software. Alt attribute gives you an opportunity to add keywords to images, which helps search engine crawlers index your project.

To add an alt attribute to an image, click the Semantics button in the widget settings and enter your desirable text in the pop-up window. The attribute will then appear in the source code of the project.

This feature is available with Creator, Professional, and Custom plans.


We’ve also added Lightbox feature — an overlay effect that highlights images by filling the screen, and dimming out the rest of the page. The lightbox is opened by clicking on an image.

To enable this feature, click the Lightbox attribute in the widget settings and adjust the background color and transparency.


The Slideshow widget has been improved as well — we added a lot of functionality and made the widget fully customizable.

You can customize arrow appearance from a new icon library, place arrows in the center or at the bottom of a widget, and enable Mouseover mode so that controls appear only when the cursor hovers over an image. You can also round the corners of your widget with Radius control.

All settings related to transitions are now managed through a separate panel. You can choose between Slider transitions and our new Crossfade format, set the duration and delay for transitions, as well as how they can be triggered.

These improvements might be particularly useful for photographers, illustrators, fashion designers — anyone that wants to showcase their imagery.

To stay tuned, follow our Product Updates page and join our newsletter.

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Readymag is a browser-based design tool that helps create websites, portfolios and online presentations without coding.


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The most elegant, simple and powerful web-tool for designing websites, presentations, portfolios and all kinds of digital publications.


Readymag is a browser-based design tool that helps create websites, portfolios and online presentations without coding.

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