Launching HUB.

A few months ago, my partner and I began to discussing creating a new media entity that wouldn’t be bogged down by all the traditional hassles that seem to be plaguing TV or Radio.

As we continued the building process, pretty quickly you realize you’re just creating an alternative to all the current options out there.

As someone who consumes a ton of media, I sense that there’s a strong segment of the public that would welcome a newcomer into the mix. That’s where we come in.

HUB. wants to create compelling local content with compelling people. Oh and if it hasn’t hit you yet… It’s all about Boston.

Let’s talk Boston Sports (because we need more of that!?). Let’s talk Boston Politics. Let’s talk Boston Food (though I’m starting a diet today). Let’s talk Boston Tech. Let’s get Boston people talking about anything and everything!

This is the first of many dorky posts that may come from me. I’m not embarrassed by it.

Let’s get HUB. going!

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