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Creepy Boss Murders Pregnant Woman And Has Sex With Dead Body

Alisha Bromfield begged Brian to spare her unborn baby.

Alisha Bromfield (left) and Brian Cooper, her boss (right) | Photo Credits: Daily Mail

Few stories are as brutal, heartbreaking, and tragic as Alisha Bromfield’s. Pregnant and only 21 years old, Alisha had a bright future and was focused on carving out a lot for her child in Plainfield, Illinois. No one was prepared for the sheer barbarity of her boss’s…




The most appealing, appalling, and baffling true crime cases, some of which have been solved and some are still a mystery. Presented to you after a thorough research are the most interesting of the cases.

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Murders & Mysteries

Murders & Mysteries

Crime cases keep me up at night.

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