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Internet Helped her Identify her Father’s Killer after 30 Years

She spent nearly 30 years looking for one definite clue to track down the murderer. Did she find it?

The Martinez family picture on Joselyn’s 8th birthday. | Photo Credits: Mirror

In 1986, four days before the celebration of Thanksgiving, a 9-year-old daughter witnessed her entire life fall apart with the unexpected murder of her father, Jose Martinez. Despite her…




The most appealing, appalling, and baffling true crime cases, some of which have been solved and some are still a mystery. Presented to you after a thorough research are the most interesting of the cases.

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Innocent: Who Killed Rosie Tapia?

A rose in the foreground and brown eyes in the background. Rosie Tapia was just a little girl with her life cut short by a man who has yet to be brought to justice.

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