Real Estate News Headlines // February 22nd 2016

Jethro Seymour, one of the Top Toronto Real Estate Brokers, provides you with Canadian real estate news headlines

Beginning this week, many Canadians hoping to buy an abode will need to put more cash down before they can call it home. The extra cost might keep some would-be homeowners from mortgages they can’t really afford, but it’s unlikely to leave any lasting impressions on the country’s most “overheated” real estate markets.
The federal government announced in December that mortgage insurers, including the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation — by far the largest in the country — will require a 10 per cent down payment on any portion of a mortgage it insures above $500,000 and up to $999,000.

Starting Monday, house hunters will face new rules requiring larger down payments on homes that are listed above $500,000. The changes are expected to have an impact on key real estate markets, but to what extent is up for debate.
“The increase will raise the bar to homeownership quite materially in Vancouver and Toronto,” housing experts at RBC Economics say. “Especially for first-time buyers.”

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