Nicole Cinquini — Why I Love Teles!

It’s time for another installment in our continuing series “Why I Love Teles!” featuring profiles of our Teles agents. In these posts, we take a look at the agents who make Teles what it is, and they tell us why they love calling Teles home.

We previously spoke with Pat Garner, Teles San Diego Managing Director, San Diego agent Dan Tomasi, and now we’re taking a good look at Teles agent Nicole Cinquini.

Nicole and her husband Dan have a 15 month old son, Dean, and their household is also home to a cat named, Dude and two dogs, Chewie and Mop. Both Nicole and Dan are native Californians who love cooking, entertaining family and friends, and enjoying a healthy California lifestyle. Their home-away-from-home is Costa Rica.

We sat down with Cinquini and she had plenty to say about why she loves Teles Properties, from leadership, to culture, to technology, and the core values that make Teles an amazing place to work.

Why do you love Teles?

“An incredible culture and a hands-on, approachable leadership team make Teles an incredible place to be an agent,” said Cinquini. “From seasoned veterans to industry up-and-comers, there is no shortage of talent within the organization. Coupled with the culture of sharing and a leadership team who is focused on providing innovative tools, timely insight and information, and a steady stream of training and motivational material, Teles is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to grow personally, professionally and take your business to the next level. Anecdotally, my business has grown tremendously as a result of the Teles platform in the 6 months I’ve been with the company.”

What is your favorite aspect?

“It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing, but I think the Teles culture is the most valuable aspect to me as an agent. The leadership team is involved and invested in the success of every agent in so many ways. From a high five on the office floor, to an email from the CEO congratulating your big closing, to the Podcasts and live training opportunities from the best and brightest in the industry 5 days a week, there is always an opportunity to grow and learn. Knowing Sharran and Peter are a phone call away gives me and my team a little extra swagger when we walk into a listing appointment!”

What Teles features help you drive your business?

“In addition to the aforementioned, I’d be remised not to give credit to our marketing and listing coordinator teams as a huge driver of growth. The technology platforms — home value landing pages, website and content creation, enterprise email marketing — free up valuable time for us. Having previously piece mailed all of these necessary components together, having a fluid, turnkey solution for each is time saving, money saving and makes us look great in the eyes of our prospects. The marketing gallery and the support we’ve received from our marketing coordinator is invaluable. The team helped us to achieve greater consistency and focus in our marketing efforts and we’ve been able to add new channels as a result of the Teles marketing platform.”

Why did you join?

“I was originally introduced to Teles through our mutual involvement with the Tom Ferry organization. Upon meeting the team and getting a glimpse behind the scenes, I was drawn to the fact that the principles, culture and business growth opportunities conveyed across my coaching organization are mirrored in the Teles core values, training, and marketing platforms.”

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