Teles Agent Nikki Gladstone’s “Healthy Home” Hits the Market

Before it becomes a home, every house has its own story.

For Teles agent Nikki Gladstone, she’s had the opportunity to tell the same houses story twice.

Her new listing, at 141 Cloudbreak in Irvine, is one she’s had experience with in the past. Several years ago, before she joined Teles, Gladstone (then Norman) worked with a company that provided a home that would be the grand prize in a sweepstakes sponsored by a show called The Doctors.

As if that wasn’t enough story, it doesn’t stop there. The home itself was designed with something special in mind. Aside from being a luxury home in general, the home included features that were said to be able to actually actively promote good health.

The sweepstakes website explains a bit more fully:

“The Doctors…have officially broken ground on their Million Dollar Healthy Home! The deluxe, four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in sunny Southern California will measure approximately 2,500 square feet and will be built using cutting-edge materials to reduce allergens and air pollution within the house. Additionally, the home will feature next gen “home within a home” design, which offers the perfect space for a multi-generational family.

From the foundation to the air conditioning and appliances, this luxurious home will feature the latest in health-boosting technology. Home sales consultant, Nikki Norman (now Gladstone), explains that even the drywall will help prevent illness by actively cleaning the air and removing formaldehyde.”

Entries were accepted through the end of March 2015, and the home was awarded to a winner a few months later. Now that home is on the market, and the Teles agent who holds the listing is none other than Nikki Gladstone, the original home sales consultant for the company that originally built the property.

Gladstone has been in the real estate industry since the age of 17. Born and raised in South Orange County, Nikki has worked in mortgage finance, sold high-end coastal estates and new developments. Extensive corporate experience at one of the nations largest homebuilders has imbued in Nikki the ability to treat every transaction with the utmost operational efficiency.

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