Why I Love Teles! — Andrea Shink

Andrea Shink literally leapt out of her chair when she had the chance to join Teles.

It’s time for another installment in our continuing series “Why I Love Teles!” featuring profiles of our Teles agents. In these posts, we take a look at the agents who make Teles what it is, and they tell us why they love calling Teles home.

We’ve previously spoken with a number of Teles agents and staff in offices across California, from agents to department heads to support teams, and today we’re taking a good look at Teles agent Andrea Shink.

Shink has one of the more notable first sales among agents here at Teles. She sold her first house when she was just eleven years old. The customer? Her own mother.

The English native and lifelong west Los Angeles resident learned early on that she had a knack for real estate when she found out that the people she was babysitting for were about to put their house on the market. Jumping on the unlisted pocket deal, she told her mom “Buy that house!”

A twelve year veteran of the advertising industry, Shink finds a sense of purpose in her work as a realtor, saying “I take a holistic approach…it’s not about the “bricks and the sticks” for me. It’s about how I can help each family or individual fulfill their long-term goals.”

She prides herself on bringing that sense of purpose to each and every interaction with her clients, saying “My nature is to be both fiercely protective and dig until I find the gold.”

And Shink has managed to do exactly that, having closed over $100 million in sales in her career.

We sat down and talked to Shink about why she loved Teles. She had plenty to say about leaping at the chance to grab some of the Teles Brilliance for her own.

Why do you love Teles?

Daily coaching calls! Everyday we have coaching calls with our executives on a variety of topics. Relevant meetings: we not only have office meetings but we have masterminds, and special guests often. And Teles has a genuine interest in me and developing my business…the support staff is top notch, and the Management and executives are all accessible.

What is your favorite aspect?

Difficult to answer, as there are so many aspects, and they refine and morph daily!

What Teles features help you drive your business?

Emma — our Email Marketing system — truly helps me drive my business. With Emma, our marketing team can design special eBlasts to send to our clients and overall sphere. The marketing, technology, and legal support teams are extremely helpful. I also immensely enjoy the camaraderie between all of our colleagues.

Why did you join?

I was ripe to make a change. I had heard Sharran speak and jumped out of my chair, ready to get a piece of his brilliance full time. When I learned that Stan Smith would again be my manager, that was pretty much all I needed to know!

Anything else you want to add or people to know?

Teles can support you in growing your business like no other CA company. See if you’re a fit. You won’t be sorry you did!