Why I Love Teles! — Destiny Davis


Destiny Davis looks at Teles and sees a company that represents the way companies should be run.

We’ve previously asked a number of Teles agents and support team in offices across California why they loved Teles, from agents to department heads to support teams, and today we’re taking a good look at Teles agent Destiny Davis.

Destiny Davis has lived a life defined by ambition, service, and meeting the needs of ultra high-end clientele. The Glendora, CA native graduated high school when she was 16 years old and went straight to college, graduating from UNLV in 2008.

It was also during that time that Davis spent the majority of her formative young adult years in college and working for Playboy. Taking the honor of having been named one of the youngest centerfolds ever, it was during this time with Playboy that Davis was able to travel the country and network with people of influence and celebrities. Most of the time was spent making appearances as a spokesmodel and ambassador for Playboy. “Being a ‘Bunny’ is a lot more artful than people realize.” says Davis. “There is very rigorous training before you’re sent out on jobs, mostly on how to interact with people. This is where I really honed my excellence in customer service. We had nothing but ultra high-end clientele. This was also amazing for networking.”

We sat down with Davis to find out why she loved Teles, and she had a lot to say about gratitude, the support system here, and how the culture here at Teles is exactly how it should be.

Why do I love Teles?

As a new agent, working to build and grow a sustainable Real Estate business in a hyper-competitive market can be extremely challenging and disheartening. I love Teles, because, on tough days when it feels like I’m running and running and getting nowhere, it can be difficult to believe in myself and become discouraged. When these moments occur, knowing how much the Teles executives believe in me, help me to regain belief in myself and give me the strength not only to persevere but also to strive to make them proud. The encouragement I receive from Peter Lowey and Sharran specifically, is at the very cornerstone of my business development, which is why I feel truly honored to be a part of such an incredible company. For example, Sharran went on a listing presentation with me for a 3.7m listing… and… this was my FIRST listing presentation ever. Knowing that I have THIS level of support, literally, means everything to me.

What is your favorite aspect?

It’s impossible to name one favorite aspect, however, I could compile a few favorites together and would call it support. Giving agents the tools and resources they need to succeed is at the core of the Teles business model. Whether it’s the marketing coordination, testing and piloting new automation techniques, or masterminds; the support Teles agents receive from our firm is immeasurable. Additionally, as a new agent, the Broker Brilliance calls are incredibly helpful. Real Estate is an ever-changing business and our Executive team and Managing Directors help us to stay on top of things.

What Teles features help you drive your business?

I would be lost without my marketing coordinator, he has been amazingly helpful to me in so many ways! In addition to that, Teles has many different features to help with lead generation. I am excited about recently signing up for the automatic email drip and the automated farming program. What they don’t teach you in Real Estate School, is that as a professional full-time Real Estate agent, you’re essentially the CEO of a small business and deals don’t fall from the sky; I learned this the hard way. I sincerely appreciate that Teles constantly generates new and relevant content and provides new and improved automated systems to help us save time and money.

Why did you join?

Serendipity. I was introduced to Peter Lowey via Pegi DiRienzo. and was immediately interested in the Teles collaborative and innovative approach to Real Estate. Why Peter wanted me to join is just good luck on my part. I work hard in hopes not to let him down.

Anything else you want to add or people to know?

Most importantly, I personally care deeply about my clients and their well-being. Additionally, I take my trusted role as a fiduciary very seriously and believe the agents at Teles share in similar sentiment. Here we truly care about our clients and about each other, which is exactly the way it should be.

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