Why I Love Teles — Marny Maslon

Marny Maslon loves Teles because she loves out of the box thinking, marketing, and leadership.

It’s time for another installment in our continuing series “Why I Love Teles!” featuring profiles of our Teles agents. In these posts, we take a look at the agents who make Teles what it is, and they tell us why they love calling Teles home.

Today, we’re sitting down with Teles agent Marny Maslon.

Having grown up in Los Angeles in architecturally significant homes designed by Thornton Abell and Richard Neutra, Maslon has a native’s familiarity and an intimate knowledge of Los Angeles neighborhoods. She has a well-trained eye as well as superb knowledge of architecture, style and interior design.

”The client’s needs are foremost,” Maslon says. “People have different priorities in life. Everything has to be taken into consideration when they’re buying or selling. I work very hard to come up with creative solutions to help my clients achieve their goals.”

Intuitive, articulate — and fun-loving — Maslon is diligent in her searches and skillful in her negotiations. ”I love working with people,” she says. “I like being a part of such a big decision and I like feeling that I’m providing an important service — that I can be a trusted friend and a respected advisor.”

We sat down with Maslon and she had a lot to say about Teles’ culture, their leadership, and their support team.

Why Do You Love Teles?

I love Teles because of the ethical culture they have created. It’s rare to find a company, especially in the real estate business, that has the big picture in mind. Relationships and ethical conduct always move business forward. Additionally, the support received by the staff is unsurpassed, and, last but not least, Teles brings a much needed respect to our business.

Why did you join?

Quite simply, Peter Hernandez and his vision. Brilliant, smart and on point, he’s a real estate broker with more hands on experience in all aspects of real estate than almost anyone I know. He’s also a warm and sensitive human being.

What Teles features help you drive your business?

Intelligence, ideas, collaboration. Out of the box thinking and marketing.

Anything else you want to add or people to know?

The combination of our well rounded smart leadership team — In addition to Peter Hernandez, we have Peter Loewy: International Attorney and all around savvy businessman and king of the Instagram landscape posts! Sharran Srivatsaa: financial guru, business coach extraordinaire and the energizer bunny — their various backgrounds and attributes leave no stone unturned when it comes to bringing success to our business.