Why I Love Teles! — Michael Mena

Michael Mena loves Teles because the hustle is contagious here.

It’s time for another installment in our continuing series “Why I Love Teles!” featuring profiles of our Teles agents. In these posts, we take a look at the agents who make Teles what it is, and they tell us why they love calling Teles home.

Today, we’re sitting down with Teles agent Michael Mena.

“My business approach is to first and foremost focus on financial gain for my clients,” says Mena. “Looking at every home from a investment standpoint, my greatest goal is bring my clients dream home and goals to reality.”

Mena spends a lot of time pouring his energy into making the neighborhoods in which he lives and works better, and his community service includes Habitat for Humanity and the Make a Wish Foundation, as well as numerous hunger relief and homeless foundations, and the Special Olympics.

“I’m passionate about building community events and bringing improvement to all of the neighborhoods I work with, and being a great resource for my neighbors,” says Mena.

Why do you love Teles?

I love Teles because there is nothing left to chance with this company. Everything and everyone is top of the line and bar is consistently raised from the marketing to the hustle, which is contagious throughout the company.

What is your favorite aspect?

My favorite aspect is the sharing of knowledge and strong team environment. The agents are industry leaders, yet are not caught up in scarcity but always open to sharing their knowledge and experience with fellow agents.

Why did you join?

I joined because I wanted to step it up in all aspects of my business and enter the luxury market with momentum…and so far I have not been disappointed! I also joined because a majority of my business is from off market property and pocket listings and Teles has a great platform for that too.

What Teles features help you drive your business?

There are many Teles features that have helped me drive my business. The top two would be the automated marketing, as well as the ability to cross market listings across the entire Teles agent network, which is an incredible feature.

Anything else you want to add or people to know?

Teles is a great fusion of cutting edge technology crossed with top agents who continuously redefine the real estate business. Not only are they leading the business on buyer and seller experience, but they continue to raise the bar for all agents and the entire business as a whole across the board!

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