Tell Your Story

Every single person can provide value, we all have different expriences.

As most of you know, I am a huge techie. I get asked a lot by property people, how to start building a brand?

Today’s world makes it easy. I mean like super easy. All you have to do is START. Simple.

Content is key guys. In property you already know that cash flow is king, wanting to get out there and get the eyes watching you? Then, in the same way, your property business needs cash flow, you need content.

The easiest place to start is with what and why.

So what are you into? Nice and easy that one isn’t it!

Then, what do you want to do?

Those two questions above are the start, it could even become the first blog post. You can pick so many channels to put this on, Facebook, Instagram, even create a blog on Wordpress or Medium!

Hey, if you don’t like writing start a Youtube channel or do it as part of a Facebook page or even Snapchat!

The main focus here is to share your story and the truth of where you are at. People will relate to this, they can then follow and share in your journey — people want to be part of your highs and lows!

Next pick your medium: Video, Audio or written word.

Simple one here guys:

  • Audio — Podcasts/Interviews
  • Video — Snapchat/Youtube/Facebook/Instagram/Blog
  • Written — Write a book/Bg posts

I want you to spread that word now, but how?

You need to provide people with value. Which should come from your own content. The next step is working with others collaborating!

Heard of this song? An incredible show of working together

I recently read a blog post on the song Despacito and how it shows the power of working together. This got me thinking about how many people I work with in property and why this is a good thing.

For those of you who don’t know the song. It has been everywhere this summer. I bet you have all tried to sing it in the car and got the words all wrong.

Fonsi and Daddy Yankee teamed up and within weeks it became the most streamed song of all time! Competition is necessary to fuel and improve you as a creative business person. Accept that it drives you to think outside of the box.

How can you do this?

Simple, find people in property who are killing it. These are the influencers and comment on their posts, don’t just go asking them for a shout out that won’t work.

Build a relationship with that person, if they have a podcast and you think you could be a good guest tell them and tell them why? Write them a guest post for their blog. Message these people, explain how you can work together, property is all about people. If you can provide value then people will want to work with you.

When you have these in place you need to be consistent, this is the next step.

One of the best examples of this in property is Nicole Bremner. Jesus. This lady is a machine.

She is constantly getting her message out there, does she post daily?

Yes, she does and she has one of the fastest growing brands in property.

The main thing I notice with Nicole is that she doesn’t have a following. She has a community. There is a difference she engages and it shows, people want to talk to her. She actively talks back — so follow her example. Thank people, say hello!

The most precious commodity people have is time. It is important you take the time to appreciate people have invested their time in you!

There is no magic key in property, it’s a long long grind. All you have to do is work, create content which brings value to people and you will build a community of people who want to work with you.

Every single person reading this has value, you have something to talk about.

All you need to do is talk about it.

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