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Clinton Foundation and an Unhealthier Generation

Amy Sterling Casil
Jul 17, 2016 · 7 min read

The relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is uncertain, at least in terms of funding. The largest single donor to The Alliance is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a legitimate health-oriented foundation, which reportedly made a $51 million one-time grant. The Alliance’s website states it was jointly-founded by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.

So, does the Heart Association take credit for all of the Alliance’s activities similarly to the other co-founder Clinton Foundation? (No).

What kind of organization is the American Heart Association? I have known some health professionals who question the efficacy and ethics of large medical charities like the American Heart Association. However, a brief visit to its website shows the vast difference between it and the Clinton Foundation. The Heart Association has no lack of specific information and its website is full of information for the general public — in many different languages.

American Heart Association Landing Page 07.17.16

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is mentioned only once in the American Heart Association’s 2014–15 Annual Report. On page 13 of the document, the Heart Association mentions the Alliance in conjunction with its 300 Heart Walk events, an NFL-sponsored app for children, another child health organization, and a different partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Clinton Foundation Landing Page 07.17.16

In contrast, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides a large number of the “outcomes” in the Clinton Foundation Annual Report over the course of a number of years, despite the fact that there appears to be only limited funding ($2 million a year or less) provided for the separate, Portland-based group, and these amounts appear to be comprised primarily of designated gifts passed-through by the Clinton Foundation.

For old times’ sake: the first specific “Annual Report” achievement in the Clinton Foundation 2015 online “Annual Report” — a program conducted by the separate, separately funded Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This assertion is oddly at variance with what is reported in the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s most recent (2014) Annual Report.

24,000 schools — where did the extra 7,000 schools come from in one year?

Now this is really great! All I was doing was conforming the Clinton Foundation’s annual report with the Alliance Annual Report. How did each organization refer to the other?

As you can see, there is a 7,000 school difference between the Clinton report and the Alliance report. It’s impossible to tell whether these reports are intended to cover the same one-year period. Both organizations are at least a year behind on reporting. (Note: a more recent blog post from the Alliance also refers to 31,000 schools being involved).

This often happens in dysfunctional nonprofit organizations as well as failing for-profit corporations.

Super Size That Crony Charity!

I was already angry because this heretofore little-reported on aspect of our troubled economic, social and charitable system has sucked most of the air out of the room for legitimate charitable and start-up business ventures.

That is bad for our nation, economy, and pretty much everybody. But food and nutrition are some of my particular areas of interest. Many of the new businesses I have worked with are in the areas of sustainable agriculture, locally-sourced/healthy foods, and holistic/alternative health and medicine.

Those would not be the types of businesses and food industry entities that The Alliance for A Healthier Generation and/or The Clinton Foundation proudly works with. They keep doing the same “Commitments to Action” over and over with all the usual suspects.

Whom might those suspects be?

If it’s unhealthy food, fattening or low-nutrition beverages, fast food, snack food … what I call Corporate Food™ they are SO on it.

Kraft, PepsiCo, Dr. Pepper Snapple, Coca Cola, McDonalds … all the really big, important players that, together with passive activities like mobile games, video, etc. are the reasons so many of us are fat, sick and nearly dead …

So here’s the thing. Why would the Alliance for a Healthier Generation be a separate organization from the Clinton Foundation since its activities seem to be the basis for most of the US-based outcomes and big announcements of the Clinton Foundation?

In Order to Maintain Credibility

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation “does not accept funds from the industries in which we are negotiating agreements.”

The Clinton Foundation sure as heck does!

Coca Cola ($5 million+)
Monsanto ($1 million+)
PepsiCo ($100K+)

There is no question that executives or others with large stock holdings in other Corporate Food™ companies have made huge donations to the Clinton Foundation. I am not forensically accounting the Clinton Foundation or Alliance for a Healthier Generation revenue. I am comparing their public statements and reports, both between each organization, and also comparing this information to generally-accepted standards for nonprofit organizations.

As to our friends at the Golden Arches, there have been a number of reports that ordinary customers provide 80% of the funding for the Ronald McDonald Houses around the country, with McDonalds only providing 20%.

Which Leads Us To

Taking credit for signing paperwork that accounts for less action than the government has already asked schools to do through Your Tax Dollars ™.

I already questioned the “Commitments to Action” which serve as the primary basis for any outcomes documented by the Clinton Foundation.

Here you can read a renewed “Commitment to Action” — from these great folks. This document is on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation website, but it was signed at a Clinton Global Initiative event and the header looks like this:

Header of Document with Beverage Industry “Healthy School” committment 2014
These parties signed a new “Commitment to Action” in 2014 to … well really not sure — they put a “value” of $300,000,000 kid you not on it.

As most parents know, some schools are Pepsi schools, and others are Coke schools. According to Mother Jones, 80% of all American schools have beverage contracts with one of the major beverage companies that allow these companies to sell their beverages on campus.

Now here is what the beverage industry people themselves signed as to what they would get out of their supposed $300 million “commitment”:

And what were they “committing” to do?

If you keep reading they intend to slightly alter the types of beverages they sell in vending machines in schools, especially in Los Angeles and Arkansas.

Well it’s been two years: how much progress have we made so far? (A: none.)

Here’s the thing: the USDA already did lots of work

For less money by far. And with much more active leadership. Remember Mrs. Obama?

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation appears to take credit for disseminating these standards. This website is pursuant to a 2010 law signed by President Obama. About a hundred other organizations help in this effort as well.

When I read the basic documents and reviewed the Clinton Foundation information as compared to the Carter Center, I felt it was grossly insulting to the Carter Center to compare their years of painstaking work and legitimate achievements to the nebulous (at best) information provided by the Clinton Foundation.

The Alliance really should be called The Alliance for an Unhealthier Generation.

All both organizations are accomplishing is to co-enable large companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Monsanto and McDonalds to continue on their present path which is making us and our children fat, sick and in some cases — nearly dead.

I read an article by author Daniel Halper the other day. Halper wrote a meticulously researched book about the Clintons and their foundation that was published in 2014. Halper documented the methods by which the Clintons keep information of a negative nature from reaching the public.

But here’s the thing about what I am doing. I am documenting information on the Clinton Foundation website and pointing out discrepancies in their own public information that is supposed to, one might presume, motivate and interest the public in their mission.

I can find no mission statement for the overall Clinton Foundation, but here is the mission of the Clinton Global Initiative:

One of those commitments is featured above.

There should not be a single person in business reading this who should not question the ROI on this organization. Especially the many corporations and foundations that have contributed over the years. Even — Barbra Streisand.

Barbra, beautiful lady: you gave money to help children with AIDS in Africa or to help children here get healthier. That is not what happened.

REAL in other words

About what we can know via sense and reason. Articles may contain opinion, but data is always verified, and statistics are based on at least one cooperative academic, or two independently verified media sources.

Amy Sterling Casil

Written by

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

REAL in other words

About what we can know via sense and reason. Articles may contain opinion, but data is always verified, and statistics are based on at least one cooperative academic, or two independently verified media sources.

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