Disjointed Disgusting Disinformation From Despicable Debased Dimwits in Decay

First, let’s get things straight. Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, including innocents slaughtered by drones throughout the Middle East, and innocent men, teens and women gunned down by untrained, untrammeled, out of control law enforcement officers. Now, a cop has shot two dogs who were wagging their tails as they approached, just looking for a treat, and we see it on video.

This article is about one reason why those things keep happening [massive Dunning-Kruger]. And, a way to stop it.

There are many excuses for these things, anywhere from “That’s the way war is” [Drones] to “People shouldn’t talk back to cops” [Hands up don’t shoot!] and “They shouldn’t have kept pit bulls” [Despicable].

I read about 500 leaked Podesta emails, primarily ones related to the Clinton Foundation. John Podesta had been asked to step in periodically between 2011–13 when longtime Bill Clinton friend and Foundation CEO Bruce Lindsey had been sidelined by illness. There were other emails related to the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden and other officials at that “think tank” that I also reviewed. Like many others, I also saw the repeated emails documenting Podesta’s multiple losses of his cell phone, recovery of the phone, and requests for his “password” — which at least in one email, was the hard-to-recall series of letters: P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D.

Podesta is the best of the group, judging by the emails.

All of the Clinton Foundation articles were about banal incompetence and heedlessness that added up to evil. People look in from the outside and think the organization was a deliberate scam to obtain at least $2 billion in funding from any source imaginable (Sheikh Mo of Morocco to the Swedish Postcode Lottery to gourmet coffee roaster Todd Carmichael). The group never had a clearly-written mission, although its dubious spin-off, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) did. Clinton Foundation really did announce in hundreds of blog posts and press releases that it supported Americans’ health through its Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) in various American cities and regions. Coincidentally, all were areas where Bill Clinton and his friends golfed in celebrity tournaments. Un-coincidentally, the only “programs” ever operated in those areas were gala meetings of wealthy individuals and celebrities who also traveled to these resort areas to golf. And give speeches.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Americans were treated to surrogates repeatedly announcing via every available channel that the Clinton Foundation was fighting child AIDS worldwide and bringing fresh water to millions — despite the fact that no such “work” was done by the Foundation in any way: even the separate AIDS organization merely organized discount drug purchases to poor nations that guaranteed Pharma profits, and “trained” local officials. Fact checkers and charity advocates rated the organization with no outcomes and 80% staff with administrative, fundraising or public relations job titles propped up by gullible, unpaid interns, more highly than the American Red Cross or Cancer Society.

The reality: there was and is nothing there. This reality was (and is) buried under reams of press releases, endless gala meetings, lengthy unreadable reports that say nothing, and nothing concrete, not even a stick, a booklet or a child cancer survivor, to show, for nearly 20 years and at least $2 billion in revenue. Oh: and a Presidential library in Little Rock. Paid for by government dollars and staffed through government-funded employees, including many making far less than a living wage, including some who have worked at the library since it opened.

While all these expensive goings-on continued (1999-present) our country went to war and never stopped. People lost their jobs and homes. Our hope ebbed away as we became figures of shame around the world. Our best and brightest, like Chris Kyle, were trained as killers and sent to slaughter strangers thousands of miles away for a war based on a lie. Like Chris, they came home only to be gunned down by another vet whose heart and mind was destroyed by the endless, ceaseless permawar.

I can think of no better symbol of than this:

It should be well-known by now that even by the Clinton Foundation’s own admission, $30 million was raised for Haitian earthquake relief (the true figure is between $10 and 15 billion — more than 90% diverted to non-Haitian use). And there is literally nothing to show for it, even as official U.S. government videos blame the Haitian people. Every person associated in the Podesta emails benefited financially from the Haitian earthquake, as well as additional “programs” in Africa. Cheryl Mills, for example, is now a multi-millionaire and has investments in Haitian factories paying .62 cents an hour and desired to invest in others in Africa paying less than .35 cents an hour.

The fraud is obvious, clear and palpable. They took the money honest, hardworking people donated to help the earthquake victims, removed their own “cut” first, and let their friends do what they wanted with the rest.

The same group has been doing everything in their power to bring down Donald Trump. By this time, there’s no reason to think they’ll be successful.

There’s a new bit of negative non-information daily about Trump’s treason with Russia, despite the fact everything one might read or hear about it actually says nothing of import. The latest is, Mr. Trump’s son Don, Jr. met with a Russian woman at Trump Tower during the Presidential campaign, who initially told him she had Russian info on the DNC. Then, she apparently switched to talking about controversial American adoptions of Russian children. Two days ago, I saw a report that an Australian journalist said Trump was “alone and forlorn and out of place” at the G-20 event in Hamburg.

I just looked at it and thought, “This guy has had multiple TV shows, has been a world traveler for decades and owns Miss Universe.” Miss Universe was held in Russia in 2013. But yeah, an Aussie journalist can say how lonely and out of place he “looked.” Seems legit.

But in 2015, many reporters were covering the Uranium One deal, in which the Russian company’s CEO donated more than $23 million to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for … well, I’ll just let this image from the well-known “fake news” website The Seattle Times courtesy of the New York Times illustrate. The New York Times today is featuring a huge nonstory with a picture of the 2013 Miss Universe event from Moscow.

Before their need to oppose Trump with fake stories, they had stories like this:

If someone from outside the U.S. or the Clinton bubble were to compare the two stories in every regard (or, just a regular student in beginning journalism class in the U.S.) they would not believe they were published by the same publication.

I think it’s time for Clinton partisans to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they have any principles whatsoever.

Donald Trump and his cabinet are almost all white males, there is a “healthcare” bill in the Senate right now that would appear to make things vastly worse for Americans than before the already-bad Affordable Care Act that failed to provide care for millions, and all the problems I noted at the beginning of the article are getting worse, as well as climate change and a host of others.

And daily, Liberal Clintonists are tweeting and Facebooking and bothering their friends about things like Trump’s son meeting with some Russian woman at the urging of a Russian celebrity.

The funny thing is, the same thing happened during the Bush presidency and during the Obama presidency. If I had a buck for every ugly, stupid picture I saw of George W. Bush being made to look like a monkey and the later ones of Obama being born in Kenya, I’d be a millionaire. If I had another buck for every time I heard someone say how evil Dick Cheney was, I’d be yet another million to the good.

While you were doing the same things over and over, our economy collapsed and not one person who knowingly speculated on bad bundled home loans was ever prosecuted. Our country attacked Iraq based on lies, and we embarked on a program of militarization around the world that makes our own country into what Nazi Germany only vaguely envisioned implementing over the course of a “thousand-year Reich.” Donald Trump didn’t build those bases or man them or put our country into 9 different military conflicts. George W. Bush and Congress during his administration did — first — then Barack Obama and his Congress did.

The cost of that has been our society. Our honor. Our children’s future. A safe, decent retirement for the younger baby boomers, who will be in need when Hillary and Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are dead from their vices. We have just as many homeless veterans now as we did in 2005.

You, Liberal, while you did whatever you pleased and bleated out your tissue-thin transparent Trump idiocy. You, who hired stupid, ignorant, incompetent Ivy League graduates, the diseased sons and daughters of faded aristocracy, to be your pundits. You, who listened to them and continue to do so, have done nothing but destroy all that was and is good in our country.

Anyone with common sense and a shred of decency can see what despicable lying losers the Clintons and the rest of the Washington crew are.

If I had another dollar for every time I heard a Clintonist say “What will other countries think of us? They hate [fill in Republican name blank].”

Reagan was a stupid cowboy. Bush, the same. Nixon, a liar and thief. Trump the same. It’s so easy for you to criticize these people yet you never do anything about it and you — yourself — are worse.

I just outlined for you the spectacular non-performance of the Clinton Foundation — it diverges from all of the other past Presidents’ foundations of both parties. Many others better than me have pointed to the roots of our present economic and social problems in the Clinton Administration, where Bill Clinton collaborated with his friend Newt Gingrich to pass the laws that led to the 2008 financial meltdown and mortgage crisis, turbocharged prison population and privatization, police militarization and these endless killings, and instituted “welfare reform” that caused the deeply entrenched poverty that destroys so many lives.

This obvious greed and self-interest and blatant disregard for anything approaching responsibility or decency is a hallmark of Clinton AND Gingrich. It’s their generation, not the party name. It’s all of them.

Now, we are in a circumstance where the average person has neither the funds nor the wherewithal to do anything, individually, to make a difference.

Medium has an entire section devoted to “start-ups,” but 70,000 more businesses fail in the United States than start each year. If a business can qualify for a loan right now, it doesn’t need one because it’s owned and operated by some rich guy’s relative. We have brutally ample evidence that Silicon Valley’s start-up culture is dominated by people who care more about “scoring” with female CEOs than innovative new tech. Even worse, it’s likely these many articles in “all the best publications” about Silicon Valley gender bias are now coming out because a few of the tech leaders have failed to continue to contribute millions to the Democratic National Party as evidenced by the DNC’s terrible fundraising reports.

These people do not care that our drones kill hundreds more innocent men, women and children than terrorists, and always have. These people will scream others are racist because of a social media post, but have no problem with our military machine devastating the cities and homes of millions of people with brown skin. These people say unselfconsciously that African people are poor because they have too many children.

These people say Trump’s travel ban is racist and the worst policy in the history of mankind while ignoring the 2.5 million imprisoned American men, 25% of whom are locked in private, for-profit prisons and made to work for pennies an hour — often for non-US companies. They ignore the hundreds of black men gunned down in police shootings with no recourse, and worse, the disgusting lie that if young students just work hard in school, they will “be successful,” when far too many of our schools paid for with our hard-earned money are nothing but school-to-prison pipeline.

Here is the problem, Liberal: you need to look in the mirror and take an inventory of your personal failings and acknowledge there is a higher power and that higher power isn’t Hillary Clinton.

I’m not Thomas Frank, I am a bitch from hell and I have never, ever been a “liberal.” I can say confidently that the single biggest problem our world has right now is the “neo-liberal” closely followed by their friends, the “neo-conservatives.”

The Clintons aren’t just corrupt, they were and are devastatingly incompetent. I doubt Bill Clinton “meant” for any of this stuff to happen. His priority was and is on his dick, his ego, and his bank account.

Just like you, Liberal.

So if you can’t learn, you need to shut up and take some of the humiliation that’s dealt daily to every single person who is not you.

You don’t have to worry about getting shot when a cop pulls you over. You don’t have to worry about a drone bomb landing on your house. You don’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from. You don’t have to work 12 hours a day to have a hope of making the rent. You don’t have to worry about never getting another job because you are over age 50 and have been laid off. You can afford multiple facelifts and boob jobs while other people are worried they won’t make rent because they have to buy a $15 bottle of Tylenol for their child that has a fever.

You have the freedom and the time to think Donald J. Trump is a traitor because his son talked to some lady who was referred to him by a Russian celebrity over a year ago.

I know, Liberal, that you are about as competent and “with-it” as Podesta, Tanden, Bruce “Stroker” Lindsey and Blow Job Bill Clinton. You are used to being praised for shitwork and don’t have the vaguest clue about what it means to sacrifice for others, and to work hard for a living because your living was handed to you on the backs of others.

How incompetent are you?

I started out writing this because the news has come out that a:

You can read about it via the “Forensicator’s” blog: likely a former employee or associate knowledgeable about Crowdstrike, the Orange County-based internet security firm operated by Russian Dmitri Alperovitch. This company had revenues of $1.5 million in 2015 and received a $150,000 no-bid government contract from the NSA that year, then the firm was “engaged” by the Democratic National Committee to investigate the leaks that had been published by Wikileaks in 2016. Now, Crowdstrike has a valuation of $1 billion.

In plain English, the file transfer rate on the Guccifer files was too fast to have been done via the internet, it had to have been done via a local transfer (flash drive, LAN). And the date stamp was Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) not Moscow (allow me to educate you — Moscow Time is MSK) and not Eastern Standard Time (EST).

That means that the Russians have a Star Trek-style transporter. Not. It means an employee or associate of the Democratic National Committee put the information on a flash drive. By the time it was put on the internet via the theoretical “Russian hacker” Guccifer 2.0 it was located in Southern California.

You, Liberal, believe it is Gospel Truth that 17 U.S. Intelligence agencies confirm Vladimir Putin hacked the Democratic National Committee computers, releasing highly-negative and incriminating (the attached spreadsheets show blatant election law violations that an experienced bookkeeper could spot in minutes) information when in reality a formerly tiny, and now large cyber “security” firm owned by a RUSSIAN IMMIGRANT was the only entity to see any equipment that was theoretically compromised during the so-called “hack.”

The Guccifer 2.0 leaked files were obviously suspect from the beginning, because the author’s name was written in Cyrillic, a pseudonym for Felix Dzerzhinsky, the original head of the Soviet secret police under Lenin, aka “The Iron Felix.”

This would make sense as a joke coming from Dmitri Alperovitch or others at Crowdstrike.

In the United States, no one has any idea who Felix Dzerzhinsky was.

Yes, Liberal, you really are stupid enough to believe that Russians would put the name of the man who is their version of William J. Donovan on the documents they “hacked” to elect Donald J. Trump President.

Reader tip: I tell ya like I tell my students — if you see a name you don’t recognize or read a word you don’t know, look it up via the internet.

It’s been nothing but one long, never-ending parade of lies comparable to a child saying the Cookie Monster ate their cookies.

But it’s not cookies or a beauty pageant. It’s people’s lives.

What’s happening here is change, no question. The majority of the people in the United States as well as the world, cannot tolerate depending upon the undependable, the ignorant, the deaf, dumb and blind, any longer.

The world doesn’t want to cook dinner for you any more, Liberals and members of the 1%. It doesn’t want to clean your house any more, or make your bed, or listen to your Dunning-Kruger idiocy that has cost the rest of us all so much and our nation, its honor, dignity and all the progress that was made by so very many people sacrificing so very much for the good of others.

It is all tied together. For years, African-American people have been stating they still experience discrimination on a deep level and you personally forward the evidence daily without ever demanding “stop cops shooting black men and teens now!” or “Stop the school to prison pipeline now!” or “Stop the hiring, housing and credit discrimination now!” You, Liberal, think “Hispanic” people are “Taco Bowls” but you usually only think about them when a person who has been working in your house whose name you know as “Cousin to your maid” has been deported. That and when J.Lo issues a new single. You don’t even regard any other minorities or races except when you complain too many Asian students are admitted to prestigious universities, or bring out Muslim people to serve your own ends.

Socialism refers to “society.” As in, we all live here together on this planet we share. And it’s about time to pay attention to your neighbors, Liberal.

Not run their kids over as you back heedlessly down the driveway doing 0–50 in 5 seconds in your auto-driven Tesla roadster.



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