The Chains of Charity: Nujood Ali — Yemeni Child Bride

Which is worse: to be sold in marriage at 9 years of age to a man in his 30s who rapes and, along with your in-laws, beats you, or ten years later, after struggling mightily to be divorced and receive an education, to be

uneducated, living in deep poverty, and remarried with two children in the same or worse situation?

Oh: and three years after you got your picture taken with Hillary Clinton at the Glamour awards, your father sold your younger…




About what we can know via sense and reason. Articles may contain opinion, but data is always verified, and statistics are based on at least one cooperative academic, or two independently verified media sources.

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Amy Sterling Casil

Amy Sterling Casil

I have learned not to compromise. Author of 45 books, former exec, Nebula Award nominee, poor. Interests: future, science, tech, ethics, nature, cooperatives

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