Real-life, real users' stories: Why?

Product designer stories

When I became a product designer, I wondered what it actually meant. Asking my dad was a bad idea for sure... he asked me if I was good at drawing 😬.

Although I’m not an expert (because you never stop learning), I could tell a product designer creates experiences and needs to be knowledgeable about every step of design: from user research to the final product. However, the cool thing is you always have work to do because the product is never finalized for real.

In my experience, I’ve been mostly working on mobile interfaces, but lately, I’ve been attracted to User research and UX. I’m building software for that, but this is another story and it is not shareable yet (If you are interested in learning more, let me know and I’ll update you when we are ready).

For user research, I observed daily interactions between people wherever I was and will also be sharing it in my series “Real life, Real user’s stories”. My objective is to ascertain real insights of everything in daily life (even funny ones like how cops ignore blatant drug dealers downtown) and think about solutions for the problems that I found.

I’d love to get your thoughts and contributions as well, or critiques if I’m too boring. I’ll post the first one soon, so let’s see how useful this experiment will be.

Blog posts series:

1. Behavioral observation: “Real life, Real user’s stories: Meetups and Networking events”.

2. Real life, Real users’ stories: Public Transportation in Chile.

Thanks for reading!




I’ll be writing about my awkward experiences.

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Pame Aránguiz

Pame Aránguiz

Creative Problem Solver. Learn, do. Product designer at Walmart data. Writing to improve my English 🤓

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