Are We Living The Values We Claim?

So I’ve written some works on values so far, as well as the relations and differences between goals and values. They’re both different things, yet follow much along the same route. I shared my own definition of values, which was, “values are regarded (respected) as the completed product of our morals & principles.

I also wrote a lot about values acting as our guides in many areas of our lives. Guides in which goals were trying to reach. But, one thing I don’t believe we got much into was simply approaching and asking ourselves if we were truly living the values that we claimed?

Anybody can talk (or write) a good game. But are we putting our values into our everyday lives. It’s got to be more than just a thing that goals go for. Values should represent life as a whole for each of us.

One of the first things to look at is, how are we treating other people? Loved ones, friends, acquaintances, even strangers? Are we acting towards the same way we would most certainly demand from others? For strangers, if we bump into somebody on the street, is it causing you frustration, or do you simply apologize, and then keep it moving?

If we are richer than others, do we still give those others respect? Do we know, that we are no better than them? Some people even preach a good game about unity and diversity. but then immediately treat somebody who’s a different race, less than equal.

Not being judgemental or racist goes way beyond words. I think many times words prove nothing. The only proof I often believe in, is actions. Especially the actions of a person when nobody is even watching.

In the same token, we should also be at a place where we are able to give ourselves the same respect because we’ll never be able to give respect to others, if we aren’t giving any to ourselves. If we can’t find respect for our own hearts and minds, then we are never going to find anyone respecting us.

Self respect is one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves. It’s important to respect everything about us.

That includes our physical self. Just another valuable reason to work hard in sobriety, as that physical damage we create, doesn’t stay only physical for long. Our minds, and hearts, eventually are the brunt for damage as well.

Values are also represented in other ways as well. For instance, our habits and ways we represent ourselves in the career and working part of life. Work is not always fun, but are we doing the assigned task at hand to the very best of our ability? Are we doing it honestly? Are we treating co workers, supervisors, and customers with sincere respect?

I’ve learned that honest pay for honest work is not necessarily as simple as it sounds. It’s just such an important factor in the development and forward movement of most people. It can give much more then pay and health benefits. It can add many positive attributes to us.

Always appreciate the gift of good values that each of us have grown to have. Values make a huge statement, first off by simply being present. It offers each and every person in our lives the opportunity to see who we really are, but what each of us value. Positive values are able to give off vibes that are just as positive. If we have a lot of respect for each person that crosses our path, then an aura of kindness will be given off to many.

Just like this different example; if a person is miserable, cruel, disrespectful, and careless about having any type of values, we will be able to see a negative aura around the person who’s lacking, any type of happiness, contentment, or respect for anyone, or anything.

I have come a long way, and a while back, I may had never had believed what I’m writing here. I might had been still stuck in my misery. I’m grateful to have gained many values along my journey. I’m also just as grateful to have let go of, and walked away from negative vibes that were once stuck to me.

A Value Claimed, Is A Value One Is Held To.




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