Experiences With Stress


I have written a lot on this topic throughout my writings. The topic of stress. I have read about it, studied it, and experienced almost every single angle of it. By no means am I the minority though. We all have this visitor in life called stress.

It enters our lives on endless occasions, randomly and sometimes unexpectedly. Its strength and can be minor, to moderate, in which we easily get through through a bit of time and self help work. Or it can be at extreme levels and lengths of time, where it feels like it is going to literally last forever.

Speaking on its levels, it’s sometimes hard to give general examples of what strength of stress someone is experiencing, as we are all different, and we all have stress thresholds that are all over the chart. Many will go through their lives having gotten through all kinds of stress.

Unfortunately, sometimes, there are some of us who need to seek professional help. The struggle can get quite real from there, and many may feel as if they are weak if they need help. However, it’s actually opposite. It can take great strength to seek help for something that can become so complex and personal.

Though stress is quite personal, and may seem only within ourselves, it still has the capacities to often affect other people, and other things in our lives. Our stress can literally, give others stress. Not to mention, that as always, there’s still those who throw stigma on things. There are those, still stuck in days long past when it comes to stigmas.

Try to keep in mind that it is important to be sure that we are properly identifying the root origin for stress that we have. I can attest for myself personally at least, that stress can sometimes have the ability to branch out into millions of directions quite fast.

Things get so deep, so involved, and we’re pissing off all kinds of people. Totally losing any grip of mindfulness that we may had once on the stress.

The point is, I think that a good way to gather control over stress (especially that extra strength erratic kind) is to remain certain, of what the real cause is. From there, we need to really commit to dealing with whatever the initiator of it is.

We are usually our own worst critics. Not to mention that when we have unrealistic goals for ourselves, or if we live trying to be perfectionists, that can be a major factor in stress as well. Perfectionism itself can run very deep personally, and while first pursued as a way to make life as best we can, it actually causes a lot of negative “self” related issues. Self loathing, disappointment, tattered self esteem are all things that have very serious stress effects.

We need to be fair to ourselves. Setting step by step goals that are reasonable, is a good way to control stress. I don’t recommend pursuing a life of perfectionism.

Speaking on the way we treat ourselves, another things we must do is realize that all work and no play is not a good technique for lowering stress. Of course, a solid worklife, a good career are obviously extremely important. But, take no importance away from the value of resting when we need rest, taking time for ourselves, taking vacations, stepping outside of a life of work. Though it can only be temporary, it still is one of the only solutions for recharging our hearts and minds.

These things, and hobbies that we enjoy, are all the different fuels to charge up the leisure side of our lives. It’s what our mental and physical body need.

From there, we just need to try to remain aware of the people we surround ourselves with. There can be many catches with that. For instance, our boss may be a miserable or toxic person.

There may be immediate family members that can be just as bad as our enemies. However it’s not about having a feeling of being stuck with people like that. We don’t have to settle for that.

We can still make subtle changes, and there’s no rule that says we have to have our vulnerability wide open to every single person we know. And, it’s most unfortunate, but there are instances when we just do not get along with a family member.

We all want to have our families more than anyone in our lives. But blood alone, does not provide the excuse or validity to allow ourselves open to toxic or abusive environments. No, just because it’s a family member making your life negative, doesn’t mean you have to stand for it.

Sometimes, best friends, are way more family, then actual family members. That’s just a truth of life, and it happens that way. More often than not.

The key to this entire piece remains that health can be either the worst victim of stress, or the best result from lack of stress.

Stress seriously effects an endless amount of different types of issues and diseases. Stress goes way further than mental. I believe that any type of stress, or strength of stress all have solutions for being diverted and deal with properly. When we work through our stress, we truly can feel wonderful.

Michael Patanella



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