How I Survived Home Renovation without Being Exhausted?

Photo by Rawpixel on Unsplash

Home renovations are fun & exciting and help homeowners learn different new things. However, they often drive them crazy and make them feel overwhelmed, especially if they plan a bigger home renovation project. According to my experience, if you plan the things carefully and don’t let it become a headache for you, then it’s possible to handle major renovations quite smoothly.

Last month we decided to plan vacations, but before going out, we really wanted to have home upgrades so that we can enjoy the days without being stressed.

Here was my strategy to go through this 10-day renovation process which might help you in the future before renovating your homes.

Finding alternative spaces:

Most of the times it’s not feasible for the homeowners to leave the comfort of their own house. Same was the case with me, I couldn’t sacrifice my peace during this whole renovation thing so I decided to find some alternative space that can serve the same best functions as the remodeled area. For instance, I managed to wash dishes in the bathroom sink than the kitchen’s and slept in the living room than the bedroom during the renovation. You can also designate any space before the renovation begins and ensure that you already have backup plans beforehand so that you can manage something if those plans don’t work.

Investment in sheeting and tape:

As mentioned earlier, home renovation is a messy business, you need to take care of different things. And the things which are more reluctant to damages are floors and walls. They get affected with litter, dirt and break down. Their wood chips and insulation particles also get damage. That’s why, I planned to make a heavy investment in dry clothes, tarp, and plastic sheeting to avoid any kind of serious damage. I also used them to cover my floors, accessories, and furniture. You can also use painter’s tape to keep the walls looking fresh as well. But don’t forget to remove all the wall hangings, paintings and wall art, and store them in some safe area.

How I managed the element of stress?

That is the most important and hardest thing that must be faced with confidence and courage. So, I decided to not stay home all day and watch the heavy stressful renovation work. This renovation kind of thing also cause anxiety for homeowners and add to the stress level. It’s important to keep an eye on the workers but not necessary to stand all day to look after and take the stress of renovation job.

Hired the contractors and planned the things beforehand:

Timely and efficient planning is the key things to consider before undergoing any renovation. So, I planned to limit the duration of my project and bought some necessary materials. I also lined up the home renovation contractors and took the demo. It helped me to estimate the costs of my project and how I would be able to manage the things in the scheduled time frame.

So, if you are also planning a home renovation project, it is advised to follow the above-mentioned ideas as they help you tackle multiple things efficiently and timely.