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Hello me, this is me from the future.

Taking the homework in your hand to write a letter to parents, you must be confused. Your friends are writing “thank you for giving me a birth, you are the reason why I am here today”.

You feel like you are the only one who cannot write the letter which will be approved by both parents and a teacher in the classroom.

“Why would I appreciate them for giving me a birth when I was better not to be born?” “Why did they even give me a birth when they seem not…

It’s important to remember what we can and can’t control

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The other day, I was driving and rushing to get to a delivery company before they closed for the day. Because I didn’t know where the company was, I was following google maps. Although I saw there was a left turn coming up, I mistakenly thought it was one street over so I got into the left turn lane. Then, I realized I was supposed to turn left on the next street, so seeing some space to shift into the lane over, I made a quick switch and was almost immediately at the intersection.

At that same moment, the light…

Every day you live, you will be presented with opportunities to grow in grace (2 Peter 3:18)

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Every day you live you will be presented with opportunities to grow in grace (2 Peter 3:18), And you must always be open and receptive to them.

A grandmother celebrating her fiftieth wedding anniversary shared the secret of her long and happy relationship:

On my wedding day, I decided to make a list of ten of my husband’s faults, which for the sake of our marriage I would overlook. I never did get around to listing any.

Each time he did something I didn’t like, I would say to myself, “Lucky for him that’s one of the ten!

”’ Now…

When Kind Friends Set Us On The Path To Healing, And Something More

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Khesed, as explained by Jon Collins and Tim Mackie in the Bible Project, is basically a generous and loving person who keeps his (or her) promises. That definition is one our limited human understanding can grasp. Someone who’s kind, keeps their word.

But khesed is so much more, and mostly, it’s not about us at all. Once we realize that, it takes a lot of the pressure off.

For the past twenty-three years, I’ve been listening to the Lord and writing down what I hear. I was…

Down-To-Earth, Practical Tips For Rebuilding Your Self Image, And Your Life

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I’ve written about surviving a miserable childhood: bullying, gaslighting, scapegoating. Whatever you want to call it, it wasn’t pretty. It took me a really long time to regain a sense of self and even respond with love to those people. To understand why they acted that way.

I wasn’t trying to excuse their behavior, just to gain perspective. So I could get on with my life instead of constantly ruminating on the past.

Being a slow learner, I made some costly mistakes along the way.

My first husband turned…

When Every Day Seems The Same

imagination and anticipation can relieve boredom
imagination and anticipation can relieve boredom
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Never have so many people asked the question: “What Day Is It?”

Before Covid the weekend and the weekdays were like two different forms of life. We looked forward to the dramatic change of the weekend. By Wednesday we could start the countdown.

Our wardrobe changed from day to night and weekday to weekend. Now the question is bare feet or slippers? Our location changed from morning to night. Now, we work either at a corner of the dining room table or a corner of the bedroom. …

Listen, explain, and be there for them

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Children react and cope with loss differently than adults. They may be sad or angry one moment and happy and jolly the next. Some children may find it difficult to maintain healthy habits and coping mechanisms. It’s important to help them the best way we can. Here are a few things you can do to keep children both mentally and physically healthy during a loss.

Stick to routines

Routine is very important for children, regardless of whether they’re going through a loss. It gives them a sense of security and safety. …

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Giving myself the grace I give to others

No worries. These are my favorite words to use with others. No worries. I repeat over and over, in emails, texts, and conversations. I mean them truly, deeply, lovingly. I give others grace…often unconditionally, even when they may have eroded that trust previously. I refuse to give up on them.

The voice inside my head speaks differently to my own heart, though. Frustration with myself often leads the way. How could I do that? Why did I go THERE? What did I not understand? REALLY? I did that, REALLY? The biting tone of my self-conversation is not lost on me…

Overcoming The Past, With The Most Powerful Weapon There Is

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Love was a foreign concept to me, as a child. The main thing was to be useful, and I wasn’t.

I knew that.

I was useless. I heard that on a daily basis, literally, from birth.

“You’re stupid, nobody wants you here,” Older Sister would look at me with a cruel smile.

Nobody contradicted her, so the words stuck, and she repeated them often. That kind of early conditioning really sinks in. The deepest wounds fester and rot, spreading like a malevolent cancer. Some take a lifetime to heal. …

And it’s not any of the ‘routines’ or ‘habits’ you would think

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COVID has really thrown a wrench into things. This past October, my partner and I were planning on traveling out of country. Typically over the holiday season, I like to visit my family. My friends and I like to gather over the holidays for dinner and board games.

Now, none of those things can happen.

Yes, I understand it’s for the greater good and health of everyone, not just me. …

Real Life Resilience

A primer on becoming a more resilient person, stories of…

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