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There’s No Better Time Than Right Now to Take Your Life Off Hold

Every day is a new opportunity to live a real life

Enjoy this issue of the Real Life newsletter, where we explore the possibilities for creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life …

Every day is a new opportunity to live a real life — a fresh beginning waiting to be explored. It’s another chance to find happiness, contentment, and purpose in our lives.

Living a real life means becoming more curious, aware, and creative — in essence, more alive. It means taking control of the malleable parts of our lives, and making choices that are personally congruent and authentic to our true self. And finally, it means letting go of past mistakes without regret, and moving forward on our life’s journey with optimism, positivity, and joy.

In this issue, you’ll find a few stories about the shadow occupying every room, and the best ways to shed some light and gently let it recede.

Many of us are experiencing the uncomfortable state of having our lives put on hold. We’ve been left wondering how much longer the current pandemic situation will continue to keep us captive.

With too many unanswered questions and a growing sense of distress over an unknown future, we’re stuck — suspended in a mental and emotional mindset of postponement.

But it doesn’t have to be that way …

Enjoy these articles, along with my thoughts for a positive day and future for all.

Here are a few more stories to brighten your day — and outlook:

The Lighter Side of Wearing a Face Mask in PublicCould they become part of the new dress code?

Using the Coronavirus Quarantine to Strengthen Your Relationship9 opportunities to bond with your partner.

These Are The Times Of Our LivesHow to build a positive mental framework that will outlast CoVid-19

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Jill Reid

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