Short Film: Terminal

Facing certain death, an old man, Frank, decides to join a dating website for the terminally ill, and gets more than he bargained for.

Bob Barr and Kelsey Glasser in Terminal (2017).

This is a beautiful short film and inspiration to others. Like the book Tuesdays with Morrie, Terminal centres on encounters between two very different individuals: an octogenerian and a young woman. What is truly unique is that both characters are dying, and for very different reasons: one of cancer/old age and the other trying to live with Aids.

I admit to being skeptical from the outset: the old man is dressing to meet a young woman from a dating website. Their relationship seems almost impossible but quickly we learn that both have great reasons for wanting someone ‘unique’ and love has nothing to do with it. From there, the plot thickens with an ending that completes the film narrative perfectly.

Shot in one day, the dialogue is engaging, thoughtful and fun. My compliments to the director for his first film. It is engaging, beautiful to watch, dynamic in timing and storyline, and, most importantly, surprising. It is hard to connect viewers with characters in such a short film but the acting and directing made it real. The music is the final piece that makes this a great example for young filmmakers.

If you are willing to face the truth about dying and, at the same time, learn so much about living, see this film. If you have 10 minutes to recoup from work or stress, then this film will make you forget your troubles instantly.

Written & Directed by Raji Barbir Starring: Bob Barr as Frank Kelsey Glasser as Anne Sound: BJ Rochinich Script Supervisor & Drone Operator: Ashton Root Filmed on RED Epic MX Music: Cubase & Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)