Sunday Inspiration

or what a director does on his day off.

Mark Abouzeid meeting the Emperor of Nowhereistan.

Ok, I admit that I espouse whole living and a healthy work-life balance but sometimes what we need is work, a creative outlet. This Sunday morning I needed inspiration. I needed to be uplifted. I needed to feel the greatness that human kind can achieve. I needed Gospel music, or so I thought.

As I searched for inspiring music, I suddenly found myself surrounded by renditions of Gospel, Jazz, Celtic, Nordic, Burundian music and more. All had one thing in common: listening to each tune, my skin broke out in goosepimples. It wasn’t enough, though, to merely create a great playlist; I had an idea.

We make endless films that cause us to truly feel the suffering of others, why not one to help you experience glory? So I set out on youtube to create a short film only using downloaded clips and their original music. Here is the end result…would love comments and feedback.

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