Video Series: 60 Second Docs

A diverse series of documentaries that provide a new look into the most unique characters, expressions and practices that make up the world.

With a production and management team whose credits include Black Swan, Risky Business, and Fried Green Tomatoes; it should be no surprise that the quality and insight of their short films is excellent. What is surprising is that it took me until now to know about them (somewhere in the background my Youtube expert daughter is groaning). Now that I have found them, rest assured that I won’t stop watching until I have seen every one, at least those in the inspiration category.

60 Second Docs are exactly what the name says: one minute films that profile individual lives, endeavours, passions and, yes, idiosyncracies. Divided into subject categories, such as “Profiles in Fear” and “Inspired”, there is something for everyone who is interested in the diversity of human passion from the obscure to the uplifting.

My favourites are those films that feature someone involved in a non traditional life, foregoing other possible opportunities and, ultimately, not only findinng success but also engaging the community around them. As their tag line says “Life. One Minute at a Time.”

“Uncle Cactus” made me smile and “Dreams of Chorizos” made me hungry, but the one that truly made me envious was “Daddy Daughter Hair School”. Had I known about this when I was raising my daughters on my own, we could have avoided a significant amount of bad hair days and had great memories.

When you need a reminder to live in the moment or merely want a break, watch one of these. If all these people can live fulfilled lives following their unique and sometimes obscure passion, what are you waiting for?

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