Real Parenting

It’s not like the magazines.

Shit Happens

And other valuable lessons I learned as a nanny

Like many artists who aren’t gifted a trust fund at graduation, I needed a survival job to pay the bills until I could make enough money writing. My requirements were simple: I wanted something that paid me the most amount of money for using the least amount of brain power, offered free food, had flexible…

In Between Traditions

We spend this Thanksgiving as we have the past several, with each other at our own table and with way too much food. Since it’s just the four of us, we don’t need to…

44 kids’ books that grown-ups don’t hate 

(and some that they do)

Books make amazing gifts for kids – at this time of year or any other.

A child’s first spring

Experience cannot be repeated

There are times, if only for a moment, when the planes of life align and perfection is reached.

A warm spring day, the wafting scent of flowers on a gentle breeze, cherry blossoms, the delight of a child who doesn’t remember his last spring.

Little Teapot Man

Moments with a three year old

Dinner was finished and Oliver began walking in circles around the table.

“Come on, little circler, time for bed,” David said.

Oliver looked up, and asked the question that’s never far from his lips. “What mean, little circler?”

The Things You Do For Love

Dealing with the after effects of pregnancy

It was acceptable when a baby was in there. Random stranger would smile at me. “How long?…

We’ve destroyed the children

Parenting today is in the shitter, if you ask me.

I’m fully aware that anything having to do with raising our offspring will stir…

Memorizing a poem a week

Filling my brain with beautiful things

Messing about in the darkroom. Experimenting with my as yet untouched sumi set. Sewing that dress I…

Daddies are giants

Moments with a three year old

Oliver decided to open up an ice cream shop in our garden and so began the race for suitable ingredients.

Making Masks

My love of mask-making probably began the Halloween my parents made my brother an Ace Frehley costume. I can’t fix the year precisely, but it had to be the very late seventies when…

Boys and puppies

Every parent should be wary when a three year old shuts his door.

This morning my nearly three year old son Oliver lured our Cavalier King…

Threats, Lies, and Bribes

Parenting for the new millennium

It was bedtime, and our four-year-old son, Master M., was imploding. This was a seriously exhausted kid…


Please wait here

The calendar shows the summer days as having the same square shape as all the others, but we know otherwise. July and August pass in a geometry of…

Going Up

My floor is next

“… your kids.”

He’s talking to me, I realize. I take out my earbuds and pause the podcast I’m listening to. He sets down his…

Waffle Pancake Pie: How a Six-Year-Old Taught Me to Go Big or Go Home

The true-life adventure that started with a simple request for breakfast and ended in an object…

What I Did Say v. What I Wanted to Say

When I visited The Boy’s Kindergarten classroom to see him at work and to help him paste together a picture of his family, and when the teacher asked…

Break the Circle 

how slowing down brings clarity and freedom 

authors note: this post originally appeared in 2011 as a guest post on Brain’s On Fire’s blog however

How We Came to Love Baseball

It happened by accident.

When I think about it now, it was that one night, twelve years ago, when my daughter’s choir sang the national…

Tucking in meditation

Last night, I did my normal routine of tucking the big man in to bed then going into the office for my nightly meditation. I started and I believe about 10 minutes had gone by before I heard

Dad, are you already sitting?
Can you come in here?
Real Parenting
Real Parenting

It’s not like the magazines.

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