Setting up a single node Apache Storm cluster

Lets walk through the steps required to run a quick single node cluster . Having single node dev cluster will help in testing out storm topologies.


  1. Java 1.7 +
  2. Python 2.7 +

Download Apache Storm

The below steps can be used on Linux or OS X. 
 Download storm distribution from here

tar zxvf apache-storm-0.9.3.tar.gz 
 cd apache-storm-0.9.3

Start dev zookeeper

If you already have zookeeper installed on your machine you can use that for storm zookeeper or you can start a dev zookeeper instance .

cd apache-storm-0.9.3  
bin/storm dev-zookeeper

Start Nimbus

bin/storm nimbus

Start Supervisor

bin/storm supervisor

Start DRPC

bin/storm drpc

Start Storm UI

bin/storm ui

you can access Storm UI from http://localhost:8080

This will show the cluster summary with 1 supervisor and 4 worker slots.

Running a Topology

Storm ships with example topologies. Below is the command to run wordcount topology

bin/storm jar examples/storm-starter/storm-starter-topologies-0.10.0-SNAPSHOT.jar storm.starter.WordCountTopology wordcount

open storm UI page. Under topology you should see “wordcount” topology listed.

Clicking on wordcount will take you to detailed topology page which shows topology activity. You should see emitted , transferred numbers going up.

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