One Common Virtue Between Twitter and Snapchat

Snapchat and Twitter have almost zero correlation with each other, with regards to the context of the platforms. While Snapchat is a one to one engagement cult platform with privacy put on the pedestal, Twitter is a light platform aligned towards letting people know what is happening around the globe and also lets the one to one engagement, which is much different from snapchat which has private disappearing inbox while on twitter most content is public.

Though twitter has hit a plateau with 350 million users and snapchat has 200 million daily active users, the platforms are not being taken seriously by many marketers, considering the width of the users.

Ultimately, the marketers who are neglecting these both platforms need to understand that they are missing out the treasure chests of attention and engagement that twitter and snapchat users attach themselves with respective platforms at a personal level identity id so high that people tend to engage with their favourite brand’s content on these platforms day in and day out, compared to any other platform.

People on twitter especially take out the screenshots of their favourite posts and radiate them to other platforms. While on snapchat, since the content doesn’t retain for more than 24 hours, people usually make sure they are looking at the stories of the brand, which usually ends up building the level of engagement that is required for the people to internalise the brand. So, make sure to check if they are working for your brand.

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